Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 28

Talk to God

“God, help me learn to trust you to do exactly what you have promised.”

Read the Bible

Acts 27.1, 2, 13-44

As you read, pay close attention to see what God promises to do. Will God keep his promise?

(You’ll want to read this entire exciting story!)

Paul and Luke were finally on their way to Rome. They had a gentle wind to push them on their way, and it seemed to the sailors like everything was perfect for their journey. When a strong and violent wind called a “Northeaster” surprised them, it blew them off course and ruined the sailors’ plans. Being in a terrible storm like that had the sailors and soldiers on board very scared, but not Paul. God had sent an angel to give him a message saying, “Paul, don’t be afraid … God will save the lives of everyone on the ship” (verse 24). Was Paul still afraid after that, like the others? No! Instead, he told the other people about God’s message and said, “Cheer up! I am sure that God will do exactly what he promised” (verse 25).

Think About It

You, too, can trust God to do exactly what he has promised! There are many places in God’s Word where God makes promises to you. As you continue to read the Bible each day, look for those promises and remember to trust that God will keep them. That means you can count on God to do what he says!

Do Something About It

  • Take a sticky note or a note card and write down what Paul said in today’s chapter.

  • Put the verse where you will see it throughout the day and read it over and over until you can even say it with your eyes closed.

Check out the promises God gives his children in Hebrews 13.5 and Isaiah 41.10.

Memory Verse

“Cheer up! I am sure God will do exactly what he promised.”
Acts 27.25 (CEV)