Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 21

Talk to God

“God, thank you for the loving family of Christ.”

Read the Bible

Acts 20.17-38

Beware of trouble! See what Paul tells his Christian friends about leaving Ephesus and going to Jerusalem.

In Ephesus, the Holy Spirit had worked through Paul to preach about Jesus, raise the dead, and heal the sick. Now the Holy Spirit told Paul to go to Jerusalem. Before leaving, Paul said goodbye to some friends. They were more than friends! They were part of God’s family! They were his brothers and sisters in Christ! Paul knew how important it was to spend time with others in God’s family. He let them know that he now needed to go to Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit told him there would be trouble there because many would be against his teachings about Jesus.

Think About It

Paul was determined to go because he knew that without God he had nothing. Even if there were trouble, God would still be with him. Paul knew he could count on his brothers and sisters to continue sharing God’s love and—most importantly—the TRUTH about Jesus our Savior, in Ephesus! They prayed, hugged, and even cried as they said goodbye to Paul.

Do Something About It

  • If you have believed in the Lord Jesus as your Savior, you have become part of God’s family. Make a list of people you know who are in God’s family. Take this time to pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ!

  • Church is a great place to enjoy God’s family. Be sure not to miss any opportunity to spend time with your brothers and sisters in Christ!

  • Get to know the family of God. God wants us to love and be there for one another. You can find members of God’s family wherever God sends you.