Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 2

Talk to God

“God, help me to experience your power as I read your Word. Let that power help me tell others about Jesus.”

Read the Bible

Acts 1.1-11

Read the verses carefully. These are the last words Jesus said to his disciples before going back to heaven.

After he came back to life, Jesus stayed with his followers 40 days. Jesus had told them to stay together in Jerusalem. They were to wait for a promise from God. The promise was the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit would come to live with them and give them power to do the big job Jesus had given them. With the power of the Holy Spirit, they would go and tell the whole world that Jesus—who died on a cross—is alive!

Think About It

The Holy Spirit’s power will help you tell others about Jesus. If you have the Holy Spirit in your life, his power will give you courage! You do not have to be afraid to talk about Jesus. You can tell your friends and family about him! You need to start right now! One day (we don’t know when), Jesus will come back in the same way he went to heaven—in a cloud!

Holy Spirit—The Holy Spirit is God’s presence at work in the world.

Do Something About It

  • Write down the name of a person you know who needs to hear about Jesus.

  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will help you to tell that person Jesus died and rose again. Tell them he can be their Savior from sin!

  • Use every opportunity you have today to tell others about Jesus!

If you want, you can read Acts 1.12-26. You will discover how Matthias was chosen to replace Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus!