Now Is The Time: Acts Children's Journey


Day 17

Talk to God

“God, help me to praise you at all times.”

Read the Bible

Acts 16.16-34

As you read, imagine that you are right there with Paul and Silas. How would you feel? What would you do?

Paul was being used by the Holy Spirit. But some of the people were angry. They did not want Paul preaching the gospel. The city officials attacked Paul and Silas. The crowd joined in and tore Paul and Silas’ clothes. They beat them. They even threw them into prison!

While Paul and Silas were in prison, they did not complain. They started singing! God was pleased. He caused a great earthquake to shake the prison. The chains fell off the prisoners. The guard was scared! He knew he would be punished because the prisoners escaped. He was about to kill himself, but Paul and Silas did not run. Instead, Paul told the guard how to be saved—by believing in Jesus. The guard believed! So did his family! Paul even baptized them.

Think About It

Paul and Silas trusted God to bring them through a difficult situation. Instead of losing faith in God, or getting angry, they praised God! You can praise God in every situation! If you have the Holy Spirit in your life, you can be sure that God will never leave you, no matter what! Maybe a storm caused you to lose your belongings or loved ones. Maybe your parents fight at home. Did you know that God is right there with you? You can praise God in the happy times and in the sad times! Sometimes God takes a bad situation and uses it for his glory. That’s what God did for Paul and Silas! God used them to help the jailer know Jesus.

Saved—to be rescued from the punishment of sin by believing that the living Savior, Jesus Christ, took that punishment for you when he died on a cross.

Do Something About It

  • Write down five things for which you can praise God today.

  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will help you to praise God even in the tough times.

  • Use any opportunity to praise God and share with others why you are praising him.