The Truth Project Scriptural Devotion

"What is truth?" Pilate doesn't seem to have grasped the importance of his ironic question. Without the plumb line of Truth, we can know neither life, goodness, righteousness, nor justice. We can't even know ourselves. This is why Jesus, the King of all creation, came into the world to serve and bear witness to the Truth. What would it mean to live in a world without Truth? Have I pondered the immensity of Pilate's question?

Lord, open my eyes and grant me a vision of the devastating emptiness of a life lived apart from any reliable standard of goodness and reality. Help me to grapple with the precepts of Your Word, that I may order my life around the nucleus of the living Christ. Grant me compassion for those who are strangers to Your Truth. I thank You for Your guiding presence in my life.