Salty Lemonade: A Refreshing Twist On The Recipe For Overcoming Adversity

Day 7 of 10 • This day’s reading


Have you ever rubbed your hand across sandpaper? Depending on the grade, it can range from semi, smooth or very rough in texture. Each type of sandpaper serves different purposes. For example, the smoother grade is meant to finish off any final touches on a project where only a little bit of polish is needed. The very rough type of sandpaper is meant to dig in and take off any areas that are uneven or unpleasant to the eye. Isn’t trouble like those types of sandpaper?

Maybe you’re going through a season where you are experiencing a very big trial. You feel like your particular troubles are about to swallow you up or overwhelm you. These are the moments that are refining you just like the rough sandpaper. They are meant to polish off major areas where you need adjustments or upgrades in your character. Of course, this polishing process doesn’t feel good. You may go through moments of asking “Why me?” or even downright despair. Please be encouraged through this process. At the end, you will see the good that was intended through it all.

If you’re enduring small irritations or problems that just seem petty, you’re in the smoothing process. This is where God is trying to adjust small areas of your life where you need a slight upgrade. Maybe you need to be a little more assertive on your job so that you don’t get taken advantage of. Perhaps there is a relationship issue that keeps cropping up and you need to set a boundary. As you learn to confront those small areas you will notice a difference in your circumstances. Thank God for the smoothing process because it all works together for your ultimate good. 

Your Day Seven challenge is to find new ways to trust God in the midst of your circumstances large or small. We can always be assured that there is a higher purpose and He is refining us for a higher level of abundant living!