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Morning Coffee With James

Morning Coffee With James

As the half brother of Jesus, James knew a side of our Lord that few others did. He ate with Him, slept with Him, played brotherly pranks. He worked alongside Jesus in the carpenter’s shop. He loved his brother. But as is the case in so many families, James was too close to his brother to recognize Him as special. I can only imagine the confusion and embarrassment James felt when his big brother told people He was the Messiah! I can only imagine the shame James carried when his big brother was executed like a common criminal. Then, after Jesus was dead and buried, James saw Him. His brother, whom he loved, stood right before his eyes! James lived out the remainder of his days building the church. We never hear James boasting about his relationship with Jesus. Instead, he refers to himself as Jesus’ servant. He calls his fellow Christians “brothers.” The book of James doesn’t tell us how to become a Christian. Instead, it is a practical how-to guide for Christian living. He tells us to persevere, to stand firm in our faith. He tells us to stop talking about our faith and start living it. He tells us to treat everyone equally and to stop playing favorites, to control our tongues, to seek God for all of life’s answers. James is a no-nonsense kind of guy. So pour yourself a cup of coffee and flavor it just right. Then, sit back and get ready to learn timeless lessons from James 1, the brother of our Lord.

We would like to thank Renae Brumbaugh Green, author of Latte for Life: 45 Devotions from the book of Ruth for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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