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Think Like Jesus: Timeless Wisdom From ProverbsSample

Think Like Jesus: Timeless Wisdom From Proverbs

DAY 2 OF 3

Choose Your Friends Carefully

One of the greatest distinctions between a wise life and a foolish life appears in how we choose our friends. When we value personality over integrity, we’re being foolish. Jesus was a friend to all, but He was also very intentional about choosing His inner circle. We must show the same intentionality. Choosing our friends wisely is not an excuse to become elitist or act like we’re better than anyone else. In fact, the right friends should help us to become more humble and willing to serve others from all walks of life. 

Our friends have profound influence in our lives, especially during moments of vulnerability and at crossroads in decision-making. Surrounded by the wrong voices, you might be encouraged to pursue a divorce when God is calling you to fight to save the marriage. The wrong voices might enable unhealthy habits when a true friend will provide loving accountability. To attract wise friends, we must first commit to being a wise friend. 

Start where you are by living with integrity at work, at home, online, and in all parts of your life. Wise words and wise actions attract others who want to live with wisdom. But when you speak and act with selfishness, foolishness, and a disregard for God’s Word, you’ll draw peers who share those same mindsets. Be intentional. 


Lord, thank You for being my truest friend. Thank You that You never leave me or forsake me, even when others have. Help me be a true friend to You and help me connect with others who will be true friends as well. Give me the wisdom to discern who should be part of my inner circle. Help me choose friends who will increase my wisdom instead of those who might sabotage my wisdom. Protect me from negative influences and help me never be a negative influence to others. 

In Jesus’s name, amen. 

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Think Like Jesus: Timeless Wisdom From Proverbs

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