Kristene DiMarco - Mighty

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Lily's Song (Praise the Lord)

If you find yourself at a point in life where your heart is heavy and you feel broken, I want to encourage you to muster up whatever strength you have and worship. There is an incredible power in praise and I believe especially in our darkest hours it packs its biggest punch. Worship creates a heavenly perspective because we have our eyes lifted to heaven and off of our circumstances. In that place of seeing Jesus, we find our victory.

In "Lily’s song," there is a telling of ones soul to "Praise the Lord," and even when it's hard and doesn't come natural, we will still sing. The song says "I will not die I will live and I will tell of the works of the Lord." It is our declaration. In worship we discover how strong we are in Him. As we become more connected to Him in worship, we fix our eyes on Him and become immovable and indestructible.

Let nothing that happens on this earth steal your worship. Let nothing take his praise out of your mouth.

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