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DELIGHT - Your Ultimate Shortcut to Succeed

Have you been challenged by something like:

Knowing how “aggressive” you should be in promoting my business? Will I be perceived as too sleazy?

Not being comfortable sharing your achievements, especially when relates to business or feels as though you are overly bragging?

Feeling guilty or not holy enough about devoting time to achieve excellence at business while others are joining the mission trip? 

When people compliment you on the nice things you have, you feel uncomfortable saying “Thank You.” Instead, you say something like “Ooh, I got it on sale.”

Think about this: among all seven mountains of influence (Government, Media, Arts and Entertainment, Business, Education, Religion, and Family) – there are success measurements. And it is different for each mountain.  

What will be the measurement for the Business Mountain? Can it be:

  • The revenue you have generated?

  • The team you have hired?

  • The clients you have served?

  • The overall impact your business has had on others?

  • The profit you are able to return as gifts to others and the money you are able to provide for your family to ensure its well being?

If Yes, then the question is: HOW then can you possibly achieve these targets without pursuing excellence by using the valid tools of promotion and profit to begin with?!

The second question becomes: How can we make sure we are pursuing this within God’s plan and leadership? While we often hear is that faith and radical obedience are the keys to succeed, the real answer is in Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Meaning of “delight”: Please someone greatly.

How do we please the Lord? Get to know Him first.

When it comes to your spouse and your best friends,  you know them so well, sometimes you finish each other ’s sentences. Sometimes it only takes a gesture, or a certain look, and you know what they mean, or what they want.  

The word “know” in the Bible appears over 800 times. In Hebrew that word is “Yada.”  It means “to know, to make oneself known, to reveal self.”  In other words, when we make up our minds daily to get to KNOW our Abba’s heart and  tune in to His voice, then we will have a much clearer and more in-depth understanding of what our daily action steps should be to fulfill His plan and to silence all the accusing voices from the enemy.

Take ONE action today: Schedule your daily “Yada” appointment with the Lord!