Use Your Power For Good: Your Words Matter

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Watch Your Mouth

Have you ever heard someone pray for something, then go right out and start saying exactly the opposite of what they prayed for? I have. For example, I’ve heard someone ask God for direction in life, then heard them say: “I can’t hear from God. I have no idea what decision to make. It’s so hard to know God’s will.”

We might call that “talking out of both sides of their mouth.” In other words, they’re undoing everything they prayed for by what they’re saying! They believe more in what’s happening (or not happening) around them than in the Word regarding God’s direction, and they’re undoing their prayer by what they’re saying with their mouths.

I’m sure you’ve heard a parent say to their child, “Watch your mouth.” What do they mean by that? They mean, “Be careful what you’re saying – it could get you into trouble!” 

The same is true in spiritual things. When we’re believing God for things in our lives and asking Him to help us make right decisions, we want to be careful of what we’re saying. We want our words to agree with His Word. 

When you’re believing God for something, it’s vitally important to speak words of faith instead of what you see or feel. Speaking words of faith simply means agreeing with the Bible – saying what God says about your situation. Water the seeds of faith by declaring God’s Word in agreement with what you’re believing.