3D Coach: An FCA Devotional For Coaches

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Why Do You Coach?


You’re a coach, and so am I. That is probably why you downloaded this reading plan. It’s possible that someone shared this plan with you, or perhaps you are doing it because the title jumped out at you. You are a coach. That’s pretty much the bottom line.

Being a 3Dimensional Coach (or 3D Coach) isn’t about the art of game planning or a fresh new offensive or defensive scheme. It’s not about conditioning and training or secrets to helping your athletes physically reach their potential. All of those things are important and necessary if you want to be a successful coach.

But 3D Coach is about going deeper. It’s about capturing the hearts of your players by seeing your athletes in three dimensions: body, mind and spirit. It’s about a journey that we are all on whether we realize it or not. It’s about discovering what your true purpose is as a coach and rediscovering the joy you may have lost along the way. It’s about coaching through the eyes of Jesus Christ—the one I refer to as “The Master Coach.” Hebrews 12:2 reminds us to keep our eyes on Jesus: “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.”

It took me nearly 20 years of failure and frustration and another 10 years of trial and error to get where I am today. A 3D Coach realizes the power of the coaching platform to inspire, motivate, and produce positive change in his or her sphere of influence. I desire for coaches to create a 3D Coaching strategy so that they can maximize their influence and fulfill their transformational purpose as a coach. 

Through intensive study, I began to have a better understanding of relational, purpose-driven leadership that I now refer to as 3Dimensional Coaching. It was a revelation of principles that goes much deeper than the physicality of sports.

What I learned is that holistic coaching is done in three dimensions:

1st Dimension = Fundamentals (Body)

2nd Dimension = Psychology (Mind)

3rd Dimension = Heart (Spirit)

I’m still learning! In fact, I believe that the learning process continues until the day you finally hang up the whistle for good. Together, let’s discover why you coach. I’m so glad that you’ve decided to join me on this journey! 


1. Why do you coach?

2. Why do you coach the way that you do?

3. What does it feel like to be coached by you?


“Dear Lord, I want to be a transformational coach not a transactional coach. Teach me how to be a 3D Coach. I desire to capture the hearts of my players. Reveal to me why I coach. Strengthen me as I start this journey to change as a coach. In Jesus’ name, amen."

You can take the 3D Coach online course by going to www.3Dcoach.org