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The Glory Of Christmas

The Glory Of Christmas

In 40 Days of Christmas: Celebrating the Glories of Our Savior (BroadStreet Publishing), author Joseph Castleberry provides a complete devotional guide to the Advent and Christmas seasons. In this five-day plan, he offers readings designed to help you get the most out of several traditional elements of Christmas celebration, including Christmas music, holiday food, the Christmas tree, secular yuletide myths, and the expectation of celebrating at home. With scriptures, reflections, and prayers, this plan will help you discern the spiritual virtues that can easily get lost in our celebrations of Christmas and make the presence of Jesus more evident as you experience the season. As you celebrate different elements of Christmas this year, you may want to share these scriptures and reflections and pray these prayers with your family or housemates to dedicate your holiday to Jesus.

We would like to thank Joseph Castleberry for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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