Job And The Question Of Suffering



The book of Job is filled with long arguments from misguided preachers. All these talks don’t make any difference to Job. He remains convinced that he is innocent. And that makes the anger of his friends even greater. 

Then Elihu speaks, the youngest of the friends. He is angry with the three friends who have finished talking, and he is angry because Job still thinks he stands right before God. How dare he! Elihu loses it. How does Job dare to accuse God? How does Job dare to see himself as righteous? After all, God is greater than man! (Job 33:12). Job said earlier that it did not make any sense to be friends with God (Job 34: 9). Job gets to hear that that’s something awful to say. God is exalted. He is the Almighty. He stands above everything and everyone.

As in the previous days, in the Bible-book of Job, you have to listen carefully and read well. You would tend to agree with everything Elihu is saying. His speech sounds flawless, his words about God are beautiful. But do not be too quick to draw conclusions. The book is not finished yet, the curtain of the stage has not yet fully opened, the last scene has still not been discussed. For the Creator will speak up Himself.