Delhi Alliance Church
Peter has a message for those of us who call ourselves Christian. Are we pursuing growth or religious entertainment?
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  • Delhi Alliance Church
    16178 NY-28, Delhi, NY 13753, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
1 Peter Chapter 1 – a summary:

Praise to God who redeems and has caused us to be born again (3-12)
Since He is holy, we are to be holy (13-16)
Since we are bought with such a high price, conduct ourselves in fear (17-21)
Since we are born through the living word of God, love one another (22-23)

Take off all of that, and instead...
The promise from Scripture is that the Word is what causes us to grow up into our salvation
Since you are a child of God, and he has paid such a price for you, love one another…
- stop treating others as tools to be used for your own benefit
- seek direction through the Word of God with all you have (heart, soul, mind and strength)
- remember the kindness of the Lord