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Grace Bible Church of San Marcos

Sunday Sermon 4/26/20

Sunday Sermon 4/26/20

Pastor Jim Davis - "Mankind's Total Depravity"

Locations & Times

Grace Bible Church of San Marcos

218 Country Estates Dr, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA

Sunday 10:45 AM

"Mankind's Total Depravity"
Romans 3:9-18

The conclusion of Romans 1:18...

The charge is that all are _____________ sin. v9

The indictment is... v10-18
1. Man’s _____________ is totally depraved. v10-12

1. None are right in their _____________ to God and others. v10

2. None see life from a biblical _____________. v11

3. None _____________ to know God. v11

4. All have _____________ away. v12

5. Together they become _____________. v12

6. Not a single one has _____________. v12
2. Man’s _____________ is totally depraved. v13-14

1. Their throat breaths _____________. v13

2. Their tongues _____________. v13

3. Their lips are _____________. v13

4. Their mouth _____________ full of cursing & bitterness. v14
3. Man’s _____________ is totally depraved. v15-17

1. Their feet are _____________ to shed blood. v15

2. Their journeys leave _____________ and misery. v16

3. Their paths do not know _____________. v17
4. Man’s _____________ is totally depraved. v18

1. There is no fear of God before their _____________. v18
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