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Family Matters: Learning to Pray
Pastor Neal Nybo
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When we pick up a pencil to draw a picture, most of us draw at the same level we were at when we were in grade school. The same thing is true for prayer. Many of us haven’t learned how to pray as adults. This week's message teaches three styles of prayer that can enrich your prayer life exponentially.
1. Praying scripture.
Let’s use the most obvious and effective tool available to us, God’s word.

Stormie Omartian

Stormie Omartian has sold more than 28 million copies of her series of Christian-oriented books worldwide. In May 2002, The Power of a Praying Wife broke a 21-year-old industry record by claiming the top spot on the Christian Booksellers Association bestsellers list for 27 consecutive months, selling over eight million copies. The Power of a Praying Husband has sold over 1,500,000 copies. The Power of a Praying Parent has sold over two million copies.

A Prayer to Pray

On this webpage, find the Prayer and Scripture of the day and pray it.
1. If you drew a picture right now, would it look like a child’s drawing?
2. When did you last learn about how to pray?
3. Look up the 23rd psalm. Try praying a portion of it for yourself or someone else.
4. Pastor Neal recommended using prayers someone else has written. How do you feel about that?
5. Are you willing to give it a try? Use the link or go to and pray the prayer and scripture of the day.
2. The Jesus Prayer
"Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner."
The Jesus Prayer helps us, trains us to pray continually and it is thought to be as old as the Church.

What Jesus Christ Taught About Prayer

If you’re looking to grow in your understanding of what the Bible says about prayer, there’s no better place to start than analyzing Jesus’ teaching on prayer.

An Introduction to The Jesus Prayer

A brief video introduction to the Jesus Prayer.
The Jesus Prayer is simple and does three things.
1. It slows us down.
2. It helps us with God in, God out.
3. It brings us closer to Jesus.
1. Have you ever heard of the Jesus Prayer? If so, what do you know about it?
2. Try saying the prayer silently, breathing slowly in during the first part and out during the second. Do this two or three times silently.
3. How did you feel before trying it?
4. How do you feel after doing it?
5. When are good times during the day to practice it?
3. Engaging prayer
We engage in prayer with our experiences.

Family Fun Prayer Activities

Here are 4 easy prayer activities to help your family pursue God through prayer.
1. Have you ever had an experience lead you into prayer?
2. Have you ever intentionally gone on a prayer walk, looking for things that would be opportunities to pray? What was that like?
3. Where could you go tomorrow to use your environment to lead you into prayer?
4. Will you give it a try?

The Theology of Prayer

This is the first in a series of messages on “The Theology of Prayer, or John Calvin at the Throne of Grace.”
Next Step
This week, practice each of the three prayer styles at least once and report back to someone or to your growth group on how it went.

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