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Ownership, Not Rentership - April 26, 2020
Sunday Celebration with WestWay Christian Church
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    1701 W 27th St, Scottsbluff, NE 69361, USA
    Sunday 10:15 AM

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Timothy’s faith journey began long before he was a pastor in Ephesus. His grandmother Lois was involved, then his mother Eunice. Then Paul. Now, with Paul in prison and preparing to die there, how would Timothy stay on the path marked out for him by others? In two ways: by taking ownership and “fanning into flames the spiritual gift God gave him” and by depending on God without embarrassment and holding tightly to what had been poured into him from a young age.
Additional Questions for Your Family, Small Group or in a Bible Study
John quoted Pastor Mike: “this is our reality- we long to be together and we must use this time to grow. The action of our faith is not dependent on what the church does.”

What are some ways you’ve taken advantage of this time to grow?

What kinds of challenges have you faced in that? Which areas of our spiritual development need help?

What kinds of things has God given you to “fan into flames” your faith?

John talked about “the consequences of ownership” for Christians. Remembering that Paul was imprisoned when he wrote this, what consequences have you experienced in your life because of your relationship with Christ?

When times got tough, Phygelus and Hermogenes deserted Paul, but Onesiphorus stayed. How are you being an “Onesiphorus” right now?

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