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I Am Jesus: I Am The Light Of The World
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    Sunday 10:00 AM

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Update On Children And Youth Summer Camps
Due to Covid-19 the summer camps we had scheduled had been canceled. We are in the process of working on alternative here locally for our students. As these events come together we will let you know. Please be in prayer for the staff as we make these changes.
Sermon Notes
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Looking at this passage through three lenses: LAW, LOVE & LIGHT
The law always reveals our GUILT.
Love always reveals God’s GRACE.
Lens #3: LIGHT
Light always reveals HOPE.
The Bottom Line. The so what? for this message… 2 Questions?

#1 Do you believe that Jesus is the light of the world?
#2 Is Jesus the light of YOUR world?
1. How does the LAW of God--reveal our guilt? Why is this essential part of our relationship with God?
2. Read John 8:1-12. How did Jesus address this woman’s sin & guilt--without condemning her? How has God addressed your sin--without condemning you for it? What does this teach us about the way we are to hold fellow believers accountable and present the gospel to our lost friends?
3. How does the Light of Christ--expose our sin and show us the way to grace and forgiveness?

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