Community Church of Portage Lakes
Trial By Fire (James 1:1-4)
Join us for the first week of our series on the book of James.
Locations & Times
    Sunday 5:15 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM

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I. The ___________ for joy in trial
II. The _________ that ________ us for joy in trial
The question is not _____ we will go through trials, but _______ we go through trials
III. Understanding ____________ to joy in the midst of trial
a. It is a call to _______ rightly, not to a _______
We are called to ______ it joy, not ______ or to ______ joyful
b. It is a call to _________, not to _________________
Happiness _________ on circumstances, joy __________ them
IV. The _________ of joy; God’s __________ in the trial
a. Understanding the _____________ of possible gifts in God’s eyes
b. Appreciating how God ___________ us through trials
Closing thought; Three traits about God’s character you must believe and trust

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