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This three-week series addresses our DNA in Christ. Our Christ-centered DNA describes the center of who we are as a church. Who we are personally, corporately, and functionally all come from our DNA. We will define this DNA in our love, truth, fellowship, and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.
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  • All Nations Community Church
    18620 Kedzie Ave, Homewood, IL 60430, USA
    Sunday 9:45 AM
Background (Peter)The life of Peter reveals…
FAILURE, Matt. 26:69-75
- The Pattern of Failure - Peter had boasted that he would never forsake the Lord, Luke 22:33-34.
o When the time came and Jesus was arrested, Peter, like all the others forsook Jesus and fled, Matt. 26:56.
o v. 58 Peter decided to follow the Lord and see what happened, but that he followed Jesus "afar off."

- The Pain of It - When Peter denied the Lord that night, the Bible tells us that he went out and "wept bitterly (Luke 22:62)." He knew that he had wronged the Lord.

Principle #1: Failure happens, don’t get DISCOURAGED!

FOOLISHNESS (John 21:3)is revealed in…
- Choices - After the resurrection, Peter must have assumed that his ministry was over. He had denied the Lord and so he decided to return to the old way of life. Remember: Peter had been called to forsake all those things and to follow Jesus, Matt. 4:19.

- Course - When Peter went back to the old life, he took others with him.

Principle #2: Failure happens, don’t get DISTRACTED!
When experience failure (whatever that may look like), remember…

I. We have a FRIEND, vv. 4-17
-vv. 4-7 He finds us
- vv. 9-14 He feeds us
- vv. 15-17 He frees us

Principle #3: Failure happens, don’t TRIP! He’s not through with you!!!

II. We still have a FUTURE, vv. 18-19.
What would the future hold for us?
- vv. 18-19a One Of Sacrifice
- v. 19b One of Service
- v. 19c One Of Surrender

Principle #4: Failure happens, don’t WORRY about a thing!
Talk it over:
1. What was the big take away from today's message?
2. Why is the story of the disciples fishing good news for tired Christians?
3. Describe a time in your life when you felt like everything was going wrong. How do these times reveal the object of your trust?
4. How has following Jesus changed your priorities?

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