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Family Matters: Rest Assured
Pastor Neal Nybo
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New York is in lockdown and that includes Sesame Street. Luckily, “Elmo knows it can be hard to be away from your friends, so Elmo’s mommy and daddy are helping Elmo set up a video playdate.” As challenging as our current isolation is for adults, it can be far harder for children who don’t understand social distancing. They may think they've done something wrong and that they are being punished. Adults can feel the same way. This weekend in worship, Pastor Neal gives two reasons why that's not the case in a special message titled, Rest Assured.
1. It's not your fault.
During our time of social distancing, Adults and children wonder if this could be their fault. Jesus has a clear answer.

More information about Matthew 5:45

This verse refers to what theologians call “common grace.” God’s love and grace is impartial. God gives His grace to people whether they deserve it or not.

Coping with sadness

Of all the many human emotions, sadness can be one of the most difficult to manage. It occurs at many levels and in many different ways
1. Can you think of a time when you felt something was your fault that really wasn’t?
2. If you have children, are they feeling like something about our current situation is their fault?
3. How much mental energy do you spend on feeling guilty for things that are beyond your control?
4. Who has gotten the blame for this virus?
5. While in this pandemic, how can you rectify misconceptions about guilt and blame?
2. There isn’t always a reason.
We want, we need to find meaning in life. Particularly in the things that challenge us, we want there to be a reason. We want there to be a divine purpose to our challenges. We want to know God has a reason. But, needing to find a reason is tyranny. It twists us up like a pretzel trying to guess the mind of God.

There doesn’t have to be a reason.

There isn’t always a reason for the bad things that happen but God is able to work good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose.
1. When in your life have you wished there was a divine reason for something that happened?
2. Does it help or hinder knowing there isn’t always a reason for bad things that happen?
3. When have you seen good come out of something bad?
4. Pastor Neal and his daughter use the phrase “Remember Oxford” when they are challenged or disappointed. Based on question 3, what would your phrase be, that you can hold onto during challenging times?
5. How can you be part of the good God is doing?
Next Step
This week, look for ways to assure others that its not their fault and for opportunities to be part of the good that comes out of this crisis.

Having good days and bad days? Is social distancing making you feel socially isolated? Now more than ever, with the help of zoom and other online platforms, growth groups are a vital part of staying connected! This weekend, Pastor Neal will be starting a new message series called Family Matters, and it will be a great time to join the community and get the support growth groups provide. Contact Barbara Waite by giving her a call at 805-915-7320. You can also fill out a form online through our website by clicking the link below.

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Simi Valley’s Samaritan Center serves the homeless and most disenfranchised in our community. Due to the changing nature of the Covid-19 crisis, the Samaritan Center has had to evolve accordingly. For everyone’s health and safety, for the time being, the Samaritan Center has discontinued it’s free, nightly dinners. Instead, they are asking for $5 and $10 gift card donations to restaurants like Subway, Carl’s Jr., Tommy’s Burgers, Taco Bell, etc. Every evening, gift cards will be distributed to those in need. Help by purchasing gift cards and sending them to StoneBridge Church (4832 Cochran St. 93063). On behalf of our church, we will make sure that the cards are safely delivered to the center.

Our Nominating Committee will be meeting soon to nominate our next class of Deacons and Elders (class of 2023). If you are interested in serving StoneBridge in this capacity, please click the link below to learn more about what it means to be a Deacon or Elder and fill out an application. Applications are due May 4th.

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