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The Resurrection and The Life
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He loved them…so he waited and let him die. - That doesn’t make sense.

Have you ever been frustrated when someone takes their time…and you’re in a hurry. I’ve noticed every time I’m in a hurry…NO ONE ELSE is in a hurry. Just me.

They were worrying…then their worry turned to mourning…worry causes us to doubt God. To doubt his word…even after he has proven himself to us over and over again.

Worry puts distance between you and God. Worry fuels your doubt.
Worship brings you close to God.
Says something she really doesn’t believe - “I know whatever you ask God will give you.” Have you ever said something you don’t really believe but knew you were supposed to say it?
Martha says..yes I do believe…but she went away and told Mary Jesus was there…v32
They had an expectation that Jesus was going to come on their time table and do what they expected. What happens when our expectations don’t meet reality?

Maybe you’re like Mary & Martha saying - Where were you? Where were you in the painful moments of my past…where are you in the middle of where we are right now?

Many people are in places they never expected to be:

- Sheltering in place.
- Afraid of a sickness or pandemic
- Without a job in a financial crisis
- Fear of an uncertain future - everything you thought was certain has
become uncertain
- Maybe you find yourself hopeless for the first time…longing for hope

Waiting isn’t always bad. Waiting creates the opportunity for something far greater than we were expecting.

God is not in the business of just meeting expectations but exceeding expectations
In order to exceed their expectations…he had to let Lazarus die. - Jesus actually said in v 15 - I’m glad he died…so you would see the greater thing I want to do.


The I AM statement Jesus made was to get them to understand…The resurrection isn’t about an event…it’s about a person.

Because it’s not just what he does…IT’S WHO HE IS.
For the believer, death is never in front of you, it’s always behind you.

To experience a resurrection…we have to die. Die to ourselves. Our own plan for our lives…Sometimes our expectations have to die.

The resurrection isn’t just about getting us to heaven…but getting heaven to us. No circumstance can stop heaven from coming to you.

It’s not just about getting to heaven one day…but getting heaven into us today. You can have hope, joy, peace and life today!

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