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Nehemiah - A Well Built, Rebuilt Life: A Surprising Finish
Pastor Neal Nybo
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We love a good surprise in movies and books. From the last few seconds of Planet of the Apes to every Agatha Christy novel, surprises can change everything we think about a story. This is also true for the book of Nehemiah. There are several surprises that change what we thought Nehemiah and these surprises help us see God at work in our lives, during the times we live in.

Planet of the Apes Plot Twist

Here is one of the biggest surprises in movie history from the original Planet of the Apes. Spoiler alert- this is a huge surprise!

Agatha Christie Plot Twists

Here's ten of Agatha Christie's biggest plot twists.

Background on Nehemiah

The story of Nehemiah is part of the much larger saga of the nation of Israel taken into exile and captivity. Here is some additional material on those events.
1. Surprise, the wall only took 52 days to rebuild.
From the time Nehemiah arrived with a Godly vision, to the time the wall was rebuilt, it took the people of God 52 days. Just 52 days! The wall was two and a half miles long, forty feet tall and eight feet wide.
1. What is a project you have had that took longer than you expected?
2. How about one that took shorter than you anticipated?
3. Have you ever completed a project that led to something significant in your life?
4. Is there a project you think God has put on your heart right now? What are your next steps? How can others help?
2. God gets the credit.
Enemies saw what had been accomplished and they recognized God had been at work through his people.
1. Can you think of a project, program or ministry that people outside the church have given God credit for?
2. Can you think of someone who demonstrates Jesus’ instruction in Matthew 5:16, " your life in such a way that others see your good works and glorify your heavenly Father."?
3. What does it take for others to see us do something well and for them to say “praise God” rather than “good job.”
4. What is one thing you can do differently or change that can help you live out this verse?
3. Remember the goodness and faithfulness of God.
The priests go on to recite the ways God has been with the nation throughout their history. This is a common practice mostly in the Psalms (See Psalm 78, 105, 106, 135, 136) and here in Nehemiah.

More about Nehemiah 9:5 and the goodness of God

There is much written about God's people remembering God's goodness and faithfulness.

Surprise! The real point of Nehemiah

The big surprise of Nehemiah is that the book is not about rebuilding the wall but about exiles returning to Jerusalem.
1. Leaders in Nehemiah’s day, and throughout the Psalms, reminded the people of the good things God had done in the past. What are some good things God has done in your past?
2. During this time, who do you know who needs reassurance of God’s goodness and faithfulness?
3. Is there a way you can encourage them or help reassure them?
4. How can others or the church help reassure you? Would you be willing to send a brief email to the church and tell us? Email
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