East Lake Students
Here I Am: Pick Someone Else
This week Emily Johnson and Pastor Rob will start our New Series: Here I am. Join us as we explore the story of how Mose was called to a great task by God. We will see that Moses wasn't sure God knew what He was doing and yet God still was used him to free God's People from Slavery. Is God doing all the heavy lifting in your life while you make excuses about why you aren't responding?
Locations & Times
  • East Lake Community Church
    10057 Broad River Rd, Irmo, SC 29063, USA
    Tuesday 3:00 PM
Questions to Ponder:

Are you listening for God's voice today?

When you are scared do you run to God or away from God?

Do you trust God to give you everything you need to do His work?

Have you ever felt ill-equipped and all alone when God has called you to do great work for Him?
Small Groups For East Lake Students
Be sure to look for the zoom link for you small group meetings tonight! You should have received an email but of you didn't email Pastor Rob (rob.townshend@eastlakeonline.com