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Rediscovering Jesus - April 5 | Brookside
Freeing Power - 9:00 & 10:45am
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    Saturday 3:00 AM

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Title: Freeing Power
Scripture: Luke 8:26-39
Speaker: Tim Spanburg,

>> Our world is in chains
"Paul’s preferred way of identifying the occupying Enemy is in its various manifestations as Sin, Death, and the Law - or, alternatively, as principalities and powers, as lords, thrones, authorities, and other designations. In one of Paul’s most striking passages, these Powers are called “the rulers of this age”..." - Fleming Rutledge, The Crucifixion
"We beseech thee so to direct, sanctify and govern us in our work, by the mighty power of the Holy Ghost, that the comfortable Gospel of Christ may be truly preached, truly received, truly the breaking down of the kingdom of sin, Satan and death…"
- 1928 Episcopal Book of Prayer
>> Jesus is on the move...He might already have landed
>> Fear - Leave me
>> Faith - Have me

"The secularist life script, in which humans attempt to live without having to confront the great questions of life, creates insulation against faith. However, this insulation is not as secure as it may seem...If we endured a global flu pandemic, like the one in the early part of the 20th century that killed millions of people across the world, how we view and process our personal potentials and possibilities would be deeply shaken..." - Mark Sayers
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