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The Vineyard Church

Christ in Times of Crisis (Part 1)

Christ in Times of Crisis (Part 1)

Pastor Mark Pope, March 21/22, 2020

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The Vineyard Church: Online

Mishawaka, IN, USA

Saturday 5:30 PM

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Sunday 11:30 AM

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Main Point #1:
In uncertain times...
A scattering happens.
Διασπείρω: Verb. To scatter throughout, disperse (in foreign lands)
In general, the Devil is divisive.
In the midst of our present situation, watch out for exaggeration
Filter information
Enjoy what is still normal
Be a relatively peaceful voice
World Panic Day:
A copyrighted Holiday invented by Thomas and Ruth Roy...celebrated each year on March 9
Main Point #2:
In uncertain times...
The ministry continues.
"...You are still good...we have more blessings than we can count...we still know about the greatest new ever spoken..."
In the midst of extra time, think ministry.
Looking for 9 people who want to hang out."
Don't forget thebigger picture!

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We don't pass a plate for tithes and offerings here at Vineyard, but we do believe that giving back through our finances is an important way to worship Jesus.

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