CrossWay Church
March 15th, 2020: Micah's Idolatry: Judges 17&18
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
Locations & Times
  • CrossWay Church Battle Ground
    311 N Parkway Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
    Monday 10:00 PM
Judges 17 & 18: False Worship
I) False Worship Example # 1: We shape God into the image we want rather than worshipping the God of scripture.
A) Micah’s mom consecrates an _________ to God.
B) God explicitly forbids making or worshiping __________ images of him.
1) It confuses the creator / creator dividing line. God ___________ overhis creation.
2) When we craft idols, we pick and choose how we want God to be. God has revealed His multiple _____________ in His word.
C) We like to pick and choose the _________ of God we want to worship.
What attributes of God do you like to stress? Which attributes do you struggle with?
This week, ask God to reveal attributes of him that you can learn about or focus on.
II) False Worship Example #2: We can come to God on our own terms not his.
A) Micah creates a ______________ in his home, so he can worship God on his own terms.
B) God created the _________________ so people would humbly worship Him on His terms.
C) We like to pick and cho0se God’s commands we want to obey too.
What are the sins (in yourself or others) that you tend to focus on?
This week, ask God to reveal the sins that you ignore in your own heart.

III) False Worship Example #3: We worship or serve God for our own self-interests rather than his.
A) Micah thought God would _______ him because he had a Levite priest.
B) The Danites didn’t settle in the land God told them. They asked Him to bless their ____________ journey instead.
C) The Levite ____________ out of his own self-interest.
1) He serves whoever will _______ him.
2) He tells people what they ___________ to hear.
3) He moves on to more _______________ things when given then opportunity.
D) We can go through religious _______________ to get God’s blessing.
What requests do you bring to God? How do you respond if he doesn’t give you want?
IV) Warning: False worship will always let us down.