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Nehemiah - A Well Built, Rebuilt Life: Partnering with God
Pastor Neal Nybo
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Have you heard these two phrases, “God is my co-pilot,” and “Jesus take the wheel.” Whether you relate more to the World War II fighter pilot who describes trusting God to be beside him as he fought in air battles over China or Carrie Underwood as she gives over complete control to God, most of us have times of trusting God in challenging times in our lives. In various ways, to a greater or lesser extent, we seek to partner with God. Nehemiah partnered with God on a very important project. What he did will help us in our own efforts.

A true story about Bob

Last week we heard about Bob being in the right place at the right time. This week we heard a little more about him. Here is the whole story.

Background on Nehemiah

The story of Nehemiah is part of the much larger saga of the nation of Israel taken into exile and captivity. Here is some additional material on those events.
1. Plan like it depends on you
When the king asked what he could do, Nehemiah didn’t just say he wanted to rebuild the walls. He had a plan. He said how long he would be gone. Then, he didn’t say, if you think this is a good idea, let me go draw up some plans and get back to you. He said, I’ll need safe passage over the thousand miles between Babylon and Israel. And, I am going to need timber for the gates, the walls, and a house.
Push through the fear.
Nehemiah was terrified! Faith isn’t going to save us from fear in frightening moments. Our bodies are going to pump adrenaline into our systems. .
1. What is the most fun plan you have ever made?
2. What is the most significant plan you have ever made?
3. What moment of fear or adrenaline occurred when you began to implement your plan?
4. What plan are you working on now?
What is something you fear right now? This week, think about what planning and pushing through that fear would look like.
2. Pray like it depends on God
I’ve heard people say they shoot up arrow prayers when situations arise. Here is a Biblical example of that very thing. From all accounts, Nehemiah had made a plan for rebuilding the walls. He planned on the king’s help. That’s bold. That moves this plan out of his own ability into something bigger than himself. It took faith that God would move the king to help. It takes planning like it depends on us and then praying like it depends on God.
Expect the unexpected.
People who are involved with ministries and plans that depend on God are used to unexpected things happening. They plan but they also assume things will happen they never anticipated.
1. When have you depended on God?
2. Did anything unexpected happen as you depended on God and prayed?
3. Is there anything you are depending on God for right now?
4. What has to happen for a breakthrough? Could it come from an unexpected source?
Take time this week to think about a time when God came through unexpectedly in your life. Share that experience with someone, either in a conversation, personal note or email.

Monday night for March Mission Madness is back! Every Monday in March is an opportunity for fellowship and supporting our partners at Dayspring School in Uganda. This week we’ll dine out at the Habit where 20% of sales will go to help the students at Dayspring. There’s a flyer in your bulletin or you can download one by clicking the link below. Make sure to join us every Monday for a chance to win a prize. Details at The Habit this Monday night!

A huge thank you to everyone who’s stopped by the Mexico ministry table over the last two weekends and especially to those who signed up to donate items to the recipient family. As a reminder, all items need to be turned into the church office as soon as possible. This coming Saturday, March 7th, starting at 8am, is the pre-build and will be held right here in the StoneBridge parking lot. Come when you can, leave when you must. If you can swing a hammer or wield a paint brush, you’re qualified! See you there!

The final results of the Ultimate Huddle financial request are in. When asked to increase giving by an additional $10 a week for a duration of six months following the arrival of our new pastor, 44% of the congregation responded. This 44% response bridges $4800 of the monthly deficit of $10,000. In January, an increase in giving reflected follow through on this commitment. Additionally, some generous, one-time financial gifts were given. These commitments and gifts inspire confidence and allow time for the Elder Board to work on a thoroughly thought through and sustainable 2020/21 budget. However, with a deficit still remaining, challenging budgetary adjustments will be necessary.

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