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Bystander - Week 4
Perhaps one of the most famous signs performed by Jesus is feeding over 5000+ people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Those that followed Jesus thought he was finally getting to the point of what he could do for them. They were more enamored with the signs instead of what the signs were pointing to.
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"Dear Heavenly Father...What do I get and how do I get it?"
It's impossible to have an authentic relationship with someone from whom you're always trying to get something.
As long as you want something from someone, or if you consistently want something from someone, or you feel like you just gotta keep getting something
from someone...you cannot have an intimate authentic relationship with them.
When this goes from your head to your heart, you will be okay when things are not okay.
John followed Jesus because of what he saw and heard.
What Jesus did
Who Jesus is
Recognizing who Jesus is reframed an entire life.
The Fourth Sign
Feeding 5000 ( + )
Jesus knew their motive and their motive had very little to do with who he was. It had everything to do with what he could do and would do for them.
I gave up on faith/church because I wasn't getting anything out of it.
As long as it's about getting something out of an it, you still don't understand it.
"Is there anything I can do foryou?"
"Could you hook me up with a case for my foster daughter's iPhone 6?"

I don't need anything.

I'm just honored to meet you. "
Do you know what you ask important people? You ask...

We are on the other side of the resurrection.

Where the man who claimed to be the light of the world proved it.
Are we just in this for the food?
This is no small thing to which we have been invited.
The question that changes everything, is the question that Jesus was
trying to get his audience to focus on.

The question is this:

Who do you believe I am?
It's impossible to have an authentic, intimate relationship with someone from whom you're always trying to get something.
God has already given you what's most important. You get to address him as your
Heavenly Father.
Until this goes from your head to your heart, you will find yourself in negotiation with the God of all creation.

How silly is that?
Let's not be consumers.

Let's be followers.

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