CrossWay Church
February 23rd, 2020: Samson's Destructive Behavior: Judges 14&15
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
Locations & Times
  • CrossWay Church Battle Ground
    311 N Parkway Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Judges 14 & 15: Samson
I) Samson and his parents in Judges 14.
A) Samson is __________________.
B) His parents _______________ Samson to follow the Lord’s command.
C) Samson is ____________________. He only does what feels good or is right in his own eyes.
II) God uses Samson’s brokenness to achieve his redemptive plan.
A) Samson is responsible for his own ______________ decisions.
B) God’s redemptive plan and purposes cannot be _________ by our sin.
C) God can use sinful human actions to __________________ his will.
D) God’s Spirit _______________ Samson in moments that create friction with the Philistines.
1) Samson is ______________ with living with the Philistines.
2) God ________________ his sinful, impulsive decisions to bring judgment on the Philistines.

III) Samson, the Philistines and the people of Israel in Judges 15.
A) Samson ___________________ his impulsive ways.
B) The Philistines brutally _______________ his wife and father.
C) Samson is upset and ____________ to make them pay.
D) The Israelites miss an opportunity to _____________ and instead help the Philistines capture Samson.

IV) God uses Samson to create conflict with the Philistines.
A) God empowers a heroic ______________ of 1000 Philistines.
B) Samson ________________ against God.
C) God is ______________ with Samson and provides for his needs.
D) Samson leads Israel, but does not defeat the Philistines ___________.
V) Samson's warning and reminder to us today.
A) Samson shows us the ______________ of our sin.
1) Rather than being impulsive, we need to learn self-___________.
What things easily grab hold of your desires and consume your life? What harm can come from them?
2) Rather than being unteachable, we need to humbly accept the biblical counsel of others.
What biblical counsel have your received? How are you incorporating it in your life? What makes that difficult to do?
B) God use _____________ things to accomplish his redemptive purposes in our lives.
How has God used your failures?