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Prayer and fasting—along with a whole array of spiritual disciplines—draw us closer to God. Time spent in undivided attention to God reminds us that God and only God is God. Christ alone saves. Only the Spirit brings life. Recognizing this, we respond in gratitude, by taking the time and by doing whatever it is that makes sense to us to love God in return.
Locations & Times
  • All Nations Community Church
    18620 Kedzie Ave, Homewood, IL 60430, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Big Idea of the Message: Fasting teaches us to depend on God, perhaps most powerfully of all the spiritual disciplines.

Fasting can be practiced by abstaining from eating some or all foods for a time, but it can also be practiced by keeping away from anything that draws us away from God.
God tests, not tempt, v. 1.
- 1st, God doesn’t tempt anyone into sin (James 1:13); in other words God doesn’t lure us into sin. If you’re being lured, its likely that is already in you.
- Note that Jesus was being led by the Spirit into this period of testing… as a part of this testing, he would encounter the tempter and his job is to lure followers into sin.
- Why test Jesus? Why test us? 1) to refine… Refining silver is an interesting concept.

- 2nd, testing our faith produces patience (James 1:3). Faith is tested through trials; not produced by trials

Prayer and Fasting is one of the refining & testing methods for the believer as long as we are guided by the spirit.
God’s Word defends against temptation, (vv. 4, 7, 10)
- There are three temptations recorded by Matthew that fall into broad categories of temptation we face today… note that this temptation (luring) occurred after time spent fasting and praying
- An appeal to physical needs. Jesus was hungry, and the tempter tempted Jesus to make some bread
- Tempted to take a short cut. Jesus knew what He needed to do. He had to go to Jerusalem, suffer, and be killed (16:21). Therefore, the tempter offered Jesus an easier path.
- Tempted Jesus with power. The tempter shows Jesus all the glory of the kingdoms, but not the evil that exists in them.

Jesus responded to all three of the devil's temptations with Scripture.
The devil leaves which indicates that Jesus overcame the temptations.
An angel arrives to minister to the weary Jesus. Note that Jesus refused to manipulate the use of angels earlier, but receives angelic assistance
Next Steps:
1. Lean into God's Word
2. Learn your desires
3. Leave certain habits behind
Talk it over:
- What is one thing that stood out to you from this week’s message?
- Describe any past experiences you may have of fasting as a spiritual discipline.
- What are you struggling to say no to right now?
- Describe your social media habits. Would a social media fast be beneficial? Are there other habits in your life from which fasting would be beneficial?