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2.9.2020 | Worship - Week 2
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This Week's Bulletin
February 9, 2020

Welcome to Dover Assembly!
We are so glad you have chosen to attend Dover Assembly this morning. It is not by accident that you are here. We believe that God has allowed you to be here so that you might receive all that He has for you. We pray you are blessed as you allow the Lord to work in your life.


9:00 am ~ Coffee & Donuts
9:30 am ~ Sunday School
10:30 am ~ R.O.C.K. Children’s Ministries
10:30 am ~ Worship Service
1:00 pm ~ Spanish Service

6:30 pm ~ FAMILY NIGHT


6:30 pm ~ Saturday Night Spanish Service


Wednesday Night Bible Study
We are continuing a 5 part video series on worship. It is entitled “Worship - Our Highest Calling”.We will begin each night with a short video clip and have discussion following. If you are interested in any aspect of our form of worship, be sure to mark your calendars and plan on attending.

New Life for Girls
New Life for Girls will be ministering on Sun, March 1 during the 10:30 service. Be sure to come to support them and bring someone who needs to hear their testimonies. We will provide a luncheon following the service. A love offering for their ministry will be taken. Please sign up in the lower foyer to join us for the luncheon.

Women of Purpose Spring Tour
This year’s District Spring conference will be held at Christian Life Assembly on Saturday, March 21. The speaker will be Lisa Potter. Please mark your calendars for this date! Please see the information at the sign up table in the upper foyer.

New Wednesday Night Youth Series
Emerge Youth is beginning a new video series on Wednesday nights entitled "Who Is The Holy Spirit?" taught by the AG's National Youth Director, Josh Wellborn. Each week will tackle common questions about the Holy Spirit, helping students to fully understand the Holy Spirit and His role in their lives. All students are invited to join us for this series Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm.

Movie Night
There is a 2-part movie coming about the Red Sea Miracle. The 1st showing will take place Tuesday, Feb 18, 7:00 pm in Hanover theater. Part 2 will be Tuesday May 5. This is a documentary on the crossing of the Red Sea.

This Bible-affirming investigation is so large that two films were required. It’s one of the greatest miracles in the Bible; Moses and the Israelites trapped at the sea by Pharaoh’s army when God miraculously parts the waters, rescuing the Israelites and destroying Pharaoh and his chariots. But is there any evidence that it really happened and if so, where? If anyone is interested in attending this movie, sign up in the lower foyer.


National BGMC Day
National Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC) Day is Sunday, March 8. Be sure to mark your calendars as our R.O.C.K. kids will minister in the morning service. Please return your BGMC boxes that day.

Human Life Services Update
Thanks to your generosity, we raised $300 during our church offering and an additional $234.93 through the baby bottles that you filled with your gifts.

Our Dover Assembly family would like to extend congratulations to Tyler Landis on his engagement to Jennifer Messner! Way to go Tyler! Proud parents are Chad & Angel Landis, proud grandma is Judy Landis.

Mar 1 ~ New Life for Girls & Luncheon
Mar 21 ~ Women’s Spring Tour

Please take time to review and pray for those on this list. Drop them a card or call to set up a time to visit. They will be blessed!
~ Gladys J.
~ Beulah S.
~ Olga K.
~ Marian T.

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Week 2 - February 9, 2020 - Pastor Jeff Bender

Last week we began a short series on Worship wherein we talked about Why We Worship and What is worship?

We said that true worship Honors God, Is Directed to God and Requires our involvement.

Today we are going to look at the verse we mentioned last week. Probably the most often quoted verse about worship.

We left off in John 4 . . .
If we look at this verse by verse, we see a couple of things.

First, last week we said that Jesus said that location is no longer required to worship. We can worship anywhere. He goes on to show us that he favors the Jewish form of worship over the gentile form of worship.

This harkens back to what we said last week. That singing and clapping and raising of hands or whatever we do that we think is worship may not actually be worship.

If we do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and worship because of and through Him, then we are worshipping a false God therefore it is not true worship.
Mitt Romney has been in the news lately and as most of us know, he is a Mormon. And Mormonism is a cult, regardless of what they claim. So their worship is not true worship because they do not believe in the same Jesus that we do.

So Jesus clearly says that some forms of worship are better than others.H ere, he is elevating the Jewish form over the form she uses.

But notice that he goes on to challenge even the Jewish form of worship. That means we may have a better form of worship than someone else, but still not be what God wants.

If that’s true, then we should want to know what exactly God wants. Well, Jesus tells us what he wants.
Notice here that when referring to God, the word spirit is not capitalized. It should be.

But when referring to our worship, spirit is not capitalized. And rightly so.

I used to think that we let the Holy Spirit worship through us.

That is not correct. The word spirit is not capitalized here because it does not mean Holy Spirit.

It means our spirit.
Vine’s dictionary tells us the meaning of this word in this sentence.
“The sentient element in man, that by which he perceives, reflects, feels and desires."

It means the inner self, the heart.

To worship in spirit means to worship him from our heart. Not going through the motions, but truly having our heart (feelings emotions) engaged as we worship.

In other words, it’s not only the physical acts that we do in worship (raising hands, clapping, etc) by themselves. It has to be first from our hearts that result in the outward demonstrations.

The A/G Fire Bible commentary says it this way:
God’s primary concern is our spiritual attitude. “In spirit” points to the level or depth at which true worship occurs. Authentic worship must come from the heart. It should reflect a godly character and a deep devotion to God. Above all, our worship must focus on God’s character and attributes and be a heartfelt expression of one’s own spirit to God’s Spirit.

In other words, it is possible to do everything outwardly that seems like true worship, even things that we know God requires, but if our heart isn’t in it, it’s not worship.
Remember that all of these things that Isaiah is saying God doesn’t want anymore are all things that God told them to do.

1) The Israelites had fallen into a routine. They had done this for so long their hearts were no longer in it. They were probably doing everything perfectly. They had done it for so long they could do it with their eyes closed.

2) The Israelites had the worship part down pat. But their lives outside did not match up to their worship.

Why did God say he hated their worship?
They came and offered the right sacrifices God required, but didn’t live right. In other words, we can’t live like we want throughout the week and then come and worship on Sunday.

As a believer, you can’t be bar hopping during the week and then expect to worship God with all your heart. You can’t be getting drunk during the week. You can’t be sleeping with someone you’re not married to during the week. You can’t be cussing all the time.

And expect to have God accept your worship.

Your weekly living already says your heart isn’t into living for God, so how can your worship be from your heart?
In his book on Worship entitled “I Exalt You O God” Jerry Bridges quotes a Puritan pastor from the 1700’s. He says this:

“Without the heart, it is not worship. It is a stage play, an acting part. We may be truly said to worship God though we lack perfection, but we cannot be said to worship God if we lack sincerity."

Spurgeon says this:

“Offered without a sincere heart, every form of worship is a solemn sham and an impudent mockery of the majesty of heaven.”

So at this point, I hope we get the picture. That true worship should come from the heart that is fully devoted to God all the time, not just Sundays.

But Jesus’ statement didn’t just say worship in spirit.

If someone is being truthful, they are being genuine. If I act one way at home and another way totally different at church, I’m not being genuine or truthful.

Hopefully as believers, we do not have 2 personas. Our church persona and our not-in-church persona.

Another aspect along the same lines as the persona aspect, is “are we being genuine in our worship”? In other words are we expressing what we feel outwardly or do we hide and suppress it?

If we are truly excited, do we show that? If we are tearing up, do we let it out? Are we truthful outside with what we feel inside?

And more importantly, is what we are doing, biblical? Is it from God’s word?
Feeling and emotions always have to be filtered through the truth of God’s word. Just because we feel it or want to express it, doesn’t always mean it’s right.

How many of us have heard or said “God knows my heart”?

What does God’s word say about the heart?
The reason Jesus said spirit AND truth is because both are needed.

There’s a saying: All truth and no spirit, we dry up. All spirit and no truth we blow up. Both spirit and truth, we grow up.

That means we have to analyze how we worship and see if it lines up with scripture. There may be things that we feel we should do, but are not Biblical.

Maybe things we have always done, but don’t really have a Biblical basis for doing them.

It’s way too easy to fall into the trap of doing something that feels comfortable and maybe even feels right, but does it line up with how God says we should worship?
On the flip side, are there things that we DON’T do that we should be doing? Next week we’ll get into what physical aspects of worship are biblical and maybe what physical aspects are NOT.

Worshipping in spirit and truth are two sides of the same coin. Both are necessary for true Biblical worship. We express our heartfelt emotions in worship that come from living a heartfelt life throughout the week.

There is a difference between emotion and emotionalism. Emotionalism is the desire to live out of and for our emotions. Meaning our emotions are more important than anything else.

Emotions are just the feelings we experience because of our true relationship with God.

If you are married and you never feel any emotion or react emotionally to your spouse or your kids, you treat it like a business deal, I would say you don’t have a family or real relationships, you have a business arrangement.

Likewise if you have no emotion or feelings towards God, then I would say you might not have a relationship. Because true relationships will always result in some kind of emotional reaction.

And those emotional reactions will be based on the truth of those relationships.
We mentioned earlier that location is not important to worship, that we can truly worship anywhere, but there is a dynamic that God uses in corporate worship that doesn’t always happen in private worship.

1 Corinthians 12 talks about everyone having a unique roll in the church setting.

All of 1 Corinthians 12-14 talks about spiritual gifts in the church, but I want to look at one verse . . .
When we gather as a group and offer Biblical worship in spirit and truth, we can expect the Holy Spirit, through God’s people, to show up to bless the church!

Thank you for joining us!

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our website and follow us on social media @doverassembly! Have a great week!

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