CrossWay Church
January 19th, 2020: Jephthah: Judges 10:6-11:40
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
Locations & Times
  • CrossWay Church Battle Ground
    311 N Parkway Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Judges 10 & 11: Jephthah
I) Judges Overview
A) Judges records the events after ______________ died.
B) Israel was supposed to destroy all of the inhabitants and their ___________________, but Judges 1 & 2 make it clear they didn’t.
C) The Judges Cycle: Judges 10:6-16
1) The nation of Israel puts it trust in _______________ rather than the living God.
An idol anything that grabs our heart more than Christ. They are the things we think will give our lives ultimate meaning or significance.
2) The nations would ___________________ the people of Israel.
3) The Israelites cried out to God for ___________________.
a) God rebuffed their first request because the people were trying to __________________ (or use) Him to gain freedom.
b) The Israelites ____________ their sin & relied on God’s grace and wisdom.True faith trusts God’s grace and wisdom.
4) Our merciful God brings them ________________.
II) Jephthah (Judges 10:17-11:29)
A) Jephthah is a ___________________ with a scandalous past.
B) Jephthah tried ___________________ with the Ammonite King first.
1) The Israelites took the land from the Amorites (not the Ammonites) because their King Shiloh attacked them.
2) The God of Israel gave the Israelites the land.
3) Israel had been here for 300 years and no one complained.
C) God gives Jephthah ___________ over the Ammonites.
III) Jephthah's folly
A) Why did Jephthah make this promise? Jephthah tried to make a grand gesture to manipulate God to give him victory.
1) Jephthah was influenced and desensitized by his ________ culture.
2) Jephthah thought he needed to do something for God __________ God would do something for him.
B) Why did Jephthah keep his promise when his daughter greeted him? He was ______ of what God would do to him if he didn’t keep his promise.
C) Jephthah should have followed Israelites lead and ___________ God’s grace.
IV) What lessons can we learn today?
A) Culture can ________________ us more than we realize.
How has culture shaped your view of things?
B) We sacrifice many things for the sake of our ___________.
What things do you think will give your life meaning and significance? What are you willing to sacrifice to get them?
C) We try to earn God’s favor rather than having ______ in Christ’s grace.