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Hearts and Minds #2: Choosing This Instead of That
Pastor Neal Nybo
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  • StoneBridge Community Church
    4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
    Saturday 5:25 PM

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Introduction to Hearts and Minds Message Series

Written by the Apostle Paul, the first seventeen verses of Colossians chapter three is like a “how-to” guide for following Jesus. This nine week, Hearts and Minds message series will unpack and explore these practical "how-to's" and inspire us to live them out.

Quote by Dallas Willard

“The idea of having faith in Jesus has come to be totally isolated from being his apprentice and learning how to do what he said.”― Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in GodHere are some additional quotes from Dr. Willard:
1. Stop watering the weeds.

Just like the plants in our yard, the thoughts, actions, and abilities in our lives that grow are the ones we nurture. We nurture elements of our lives with what we watch, think about and put energy into.
Idolatry: Looking to an inappropriate source to satisfy our needs.
Greed: Wanting what others have to satisfy our needs or wants.
Evil desires: Greed for inappropriate wants.
Lust: Greed for specifically sexual desires to satisfy our wants.
Impurity: Acting out lust in physical ways.
Sexual immorality: Acting out impurity with another person.
Reflection Questions
1. Pastor Neal described a positive series of steps. Describe a positive progression you have had in your life.
2. Have you seen examples of negative progressions like the one described in our text in your life or others?
3. We tend not to share our moral challenges with others. Without saying more than you are comfortable sharing, is there a weed or weeds in your life you should stop watering?
4. How can others support or encourage you in your efforts?
Next Step:

Turn off the source of temptation for one negative area of your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of your positive intentions when you are tempted.
2. The weight of God is coming.

There are natural consequences to the sins and brokenness in our lives. These should be enough for us to work to change those parts of us. The Bible is also clear that God doesn't like the negative things we do to ourselves and others. In their best interest, good parents discipline their children. So too does God discipline his children.
Reflection Questions
1. How much does the “wrath of God” or a future judgment impact your decision making?
2. Do you have either a positive or negative example of the law of natural consequences in your life?
3. Are there ways you can identify with Jesus rather than with the world?
Next Step:

List the natural consequences of having that negative area in your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you want to substitute a positive area in your life.
3. It's one or the other.

We are used to having everything - Netflix and Hulu, cake and ice cream. But, there are some things we have to choose. Generally, we have to choose Apple or Android. Fatty foods or healthy bodies.

We try to follow Jesus and follow our own unhelpful ways. We can only do that so far, then the paths divide and we have to choose one or the other.
Reflection Questions
1. Alcoholics Anonymous has helped millions turn away from alcohol. Have you or someone you know struggled with trying to both hold on to something and let go of it?
2. Is there something in your life you would like to let go of?
3. Is the idea of “one or the other” appropriate in your situation?
4. This week, can you take the next step of picturing and writing down what a day would look like without that negative area in your life?
Next Step:

Picture and write down what a day would look like without that negative area in your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you live that day.

The Text In Context

Colossians 3: 1-17 can be considered a handbook for following Jesus. Here is a verse by verse explanation.

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