The Bridge Church of the Nazarene
Sunday, September 22, 2019 Worship Service
This Sunday at the Bridge Church, Pastor Michael Halcomb will deliver a sermon entitled: "The Biggest Lies Christians Believe (Part 2)". Please invite a friend to church for worship and to hear a great message. Everyone is welcome!
Locations & Times
  • Radford High School
    Sunday 9:45 AM
Today's sermon: "The 2 Biggest Lies Christians Believe (Part 2)"
3 Aspects of a Holy Moment

1.Opening yourself up to God
2.Seeking to grow in character and virtue
3.Becoming good by doing good
Key word for today: Paraenesis: A religious teaching
Article 8: Prevenient Grace

7. We believe that the Triune God freely offers grace or favor, that is, the opportunity to be forgiven and be in right standing with God. This opportunity is offered to all through Jesus. This opportunity allows all to turn from being in a state of sin where they are against God to being righteous, that is, in a state of right standing with God. All who swear their allegiance to Jesus, the Anointed One, will have their treason against God pardoned and will be cleansed from their state of sin. They will also imitate Jesus’ good works, works which pleased God the Father and which he accepted. We also believe that humans, who were created in the Triune God’s image are like God in that they have the ability to choose between right and wrong; thus, humans, like God, are morally responsible. When Adam and Eve existed in their state of original righteousness, they were able to call upon God with a clear conscience and by their own strength. When “The Fall” occurred, however, their consciences were forever clouded, and they could no longer, by their own strength or conscience, turn to and call upon God. Now they needed God’s help to do this as do all their descendants. When God offers that help, it is an act of grace or favor, that is, the opportunity to be forgiven and be in right standing with God.
Article 9: Repentance

8. We believe the Spirit of God leads people to repentance, that is, to turn from their state of being against God to being in right standing with him. The Spirit gives to all who repent a remorseful heart as well as the hope of mercy, that is, confidence in the promises of forgiveness and right standing. Repentance is a sincere and thorough change of the mind about sin. Repentance is also a personal admission of treason against God, that is, of choosing to stand against him. To repent, then, means to willingly turn from a treasonous state against God. This is demanded of all who are capable of understanding that they have done this.