Louisville church of CHRIST
A Submission Thing ... Again!
Gathering on September 8
Locations & Times
  • Louisville church of Christ
    1520 California Ave, Louisville, OH 44641, USA
    Sunday 10:15 AM
Only to sit and think of GOD, Oh, what joy it is! To think the thought to breathe the Name … Earth has no higher bliss!
Frederick W. Faber
F.B. Meyer, a preacher a few years back once wrote,
We should never leave our prayer closets in the morning without having concentrated our thoughts deeply and intensely on the fact of the actual presence of God there with us, encompassing us, and filling the room as literally as it fills Heaven itself. It may not lead to any distinct results at first, but, as we make repeated efforts to realize the presence of God, it will become increasingly real to us. And, as the habit grows upon us, when alone in a room, or when treading the sward of some natural woodland temple, or when pacing the stony street—in the silence of night, or amid the teeming crowds of daylight—we shall often find ourselves whispering the words, “Thou art near; thou art here, O Lord.”
Have you ever asked the question, "What does this glorious ONE desire of me?"

One thing HE would desires is that our lives would be those that learn, grow and imitate HIM.
There is right and there is wrong.
Dads, you are to train them in the things that are pleasing to the LORD.
Dads (and moms) submit to your children by discipling them in the LORD ... with joy.
You work the best and hardest that you can to bring GOD glory.
Bosses do the same to them, and stop your threatening ... stop being mean!
Submission includes:
Love and respect
Consideration and training
Working together hard under 1 Master