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Jesus & (my perspective)
Last week we began to pray the prayer "Lord, give me eyes to see" like He sees. As we begin a new series today, let's look deeper at His perspective in relation to ours. Thank you so much for joining us.
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1. For those affected by Hurricane Dorian, we want to begin collecting Crisis Care Kits, now through October 6. The collection area for these will be next to the Connection Center in the foyer. Please stop by the table today to pick up bags with specific instructions on how to pack them.

2. Students' Sunday, Come see us at The Hub! 3D's Block Party, Sunday evening at 6:00pm. All students, 6th-12th grade, are welcome!

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You can’t compartmentalize obedience.
PNEUMA vs PSUCHE (verses 14-15)
Paul speaks of two different individuals...
One guided by pneuma...the spirit - verse 15
One guided by psuche...the physical life (the appetites) - verse 14
The Mind of Christ / The 'Merely Human' Mind

Alive (Romans 8:6) / Tormented by the shadow of death

Single-minded, Focused (2 Cor 11:13) / Double-minded, Scattered (James 1:8)

Humble (Phil 2:3) / Proud, Self-focused

Pure (Titus 1:5) / Sin-infected

Responsive (Luke 24:45) / Stubborn

Peaceful (Romans 8:6) / Fearful
The mind governed by the flesh:
DEATH (verse 6)
HOSTILE TO GOD (verse 7)

The Spirit moves us from living a compartmentalized life through the mind of Christ.
Having the mind of Christ means sharing in the plan, purpose, and perspective of Christ.
1. My thoughts are powerful
-they drive how I live and impact
-what I think about myself
-what I think/believe about others
-what I think/believe about God

2. God’s thoughts can become my thoughts
-as believers in Christ, we have access to the “mind of Christ” if we walk in step with the Holy Spirit

3. True transformation begins not by acting differently, but by thinking differently.
-“The Mind of Christ” transforms every part of me
You can’t compartmentalize obedience.
You can’t fully obey God without the mind of Christ.

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