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Are You Managing?
Sermon Guide for September 1st, 2019
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Are you managing?
Genesis 1:26-31

Read and Reflect - Genesis 1:26-31
Stewardship describes our standing or position with God. It is also an attitude we must learn to choose in opposition to ownership which is independence from God.

In order to grasp how important and how deep the concept of stewardship is in our lives we have to understand that it is far more than a discussion about how we handle our money. Money is only one thing we are called to be stewards of.

Manager is a good word to help us understand what being a steward actually is.

When God created man, He gave them the role or position of stewards/managers.

Read and Reflect:
What do these verses tell us about the source of all things?
If everything is from Him, through Him and to Him, then is there anything in our lives that we can claim to own or have ultimate authority over independent of God?
Read through Genesis 3:1-7 paying particular attention to what the tempter was actually trying to get Eve to do.
What was the first thing Satan tempted Eve to do?
What was the second thing Satan tempted Eve to do?
Why do you think Eve was able to resist the first temptation but not the second one?
What does the second temptation have to do with our role as stewards verse owners? Think about ultimate authority and being under authority.
Can you see how Adam and Eve are stepping away from the care and provision of God to assume that responsibility themselves?
What is the first emotion you see resulting from their fall into sin – their attempt to be in authority of their own lives?
We were designed with the capacity for stewardship, not ownership as in being in ultimate authority over our lives.
When we think about stewardship, it is helpful to see it in these basic categories.
Your Life:
Your possessions:
Things we have
What are the first three things that come to your mind when you think about stewardship or ownership?
Up to this point in your life how have you handled those things?
Is it easier for you to surrender things in the “Your Life” or the “Your Possessions” category?
We will only embrace stewardship as our way of living life with God when we become convinced God always has and always will have our best interests in mind. We can trust Him to “own” us.
Insistence on ownership (ultimate authority) of your life and your possessions brings bondage and fear.
Embracing stewardship as your way of living life with God brings true freedom and profound peace.

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