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1 Corinthians & 21st Century Living - Surviving Church
Pastor Jim Bradford | September 1, 2019
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    Sunday 10:30 AM

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Eugene Peterson, The Jesus Way
"I love Jesus but I hate the church" is a theme that keeps reappearing with variations in many settings. So it is interesting to note that Jesus, who in abridged form is quite popular with the non-church crowd, was not anti-institutional. Jesus said, "Follow me," and then regularly led his followers into the two primary religious institutional structures of his day: the synagogue and the temple. Neither institution was without its inadequacies, faults, and failures. The temple especially was shot through with corruption, venality, injustice, discrimination . . . All the same, he didn't boycott the place. . . A spirituality that has no institutional structure or support very soon becomes self-indulgent and subjective and one-generational.
Let's first remember our accountability to God
The Great White Throne Judgment
In our preoccupation with . . .

- Music
- Programs
- Relevance
- Creativity
- Compassion

Let's not forget . . .

- Worship
- Love
- Surrender
- Encounter
- Evangelism

Let's stay hungry for God's presence