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Fresh Starts: How To Start Fresh, Part 2
Pastor Neal Nybo
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Introduction to Series: Fresh Starts
Milestones are everywhere -- the first semester, the first week of a new job, the first client. Regardless of how old we are, we all have first days, new seasons, fresh starts.

God is ready to be engaged and involved in our fresh starts. The Old Testament is full of examples of God leading his people in new ways through new opportunities - both exciting and challenging.

This three-week series will help us see our fresh starts in light of God's direction, resources, and desire for our best.

A little (actually a lot) about foul balls

This article has more about Major League foul balls than anyone ever knew existed. The website is even named Foul Ballz. There may be more helpful sites but this one takes the prize for most data.
1. Have confidence in the Lord.
It’s hard to know what’s true and not true today. There are things we have known to be true all our lives that simply aren’t.

A few words about the history of trapeze

The art of trapeze performance was developed by Jules Léotard, a young French acrobat and aerialist, in Toulouse in the mid-1800s.
Next Step
1. This week ask the Lord, “what would forward progress look like for me?”
Reflection Questions
1. Pastor Neal talked about a friend who prays for parking spaces and foul balls at baseball games. Does this seem reasonable? Silly?
2. What does it mean to you to have confidence in the Lord?
3. Does it have any practical implications for daily life?
4. Or, might it mean for specific situations when we can't depend on ourselves or others?
2. Wait quietly for help.
We wish we never felt completely alone or so downcast that we would lie face down in the dust or that anyone is ever struck in the face or insulted by enemies. But, since those things do happen, we can be grateful that the Bible acknowledges them to be real.
Next Step
This week, consider one area of your life in which you put great emotional energy. What would it look like to wait quietly for help in that area? What is one thing you could do or stop doing that would help you worry less and wait more?
Reflection Questions
1. Can you describe a time when you waited quietly for help from God?
2. What ultimately happened in the situation?
3. The next time something requires depending on God, would you do anything differently?
3. Yield to new training.
There is an important difference between knowing something is true and depending on it.

More info about Situational Self-Leadership

Thousands of companies use SSL in their supervisor training. Here is more about it.
Next Step
Identify one spiritually related practice you are a beginner at and commit to becoming more proficient. Examples: Giving others your undivided attention, praying for someone immediately when they share a concern, not judging others.
Reflection Questions
1. What is something you are good at that you had to struggle to learn and practice?
2. As you look at your example, can you identify the four stages of development from situational self-leadership?
3. Is there a skill, hobby, or sport you are interested in enough to go through the four stages to become self-reliant?

The Text In Context

Here is an in-depth look at Lamentations 3:19-33. This has some good historic background information.

The ALPHA Course New Session begins Thursday, September 12th @ 6:30pm The ALPHA Course is a 10-week opportunity to explore the validity and relevance of the Christian faith for our lives today. It’s a practical introduction to the basics of Christianity with opportunities for questions and discussion. The style of Alpha is informal, friendly, and non-pressured. Dinner and child care is provided. Call Paul or Katrina Dixon at 805-579-8066 to sign up.

It’s the new normal to live in a digitally connected world, and yet parents often find themselves asking questions like: “Why do my kids constantly check their phones?" and “How can I supervise what my kids are saying and sharing?”. If you find yourself wanting more information, ideas, and action steps for engaging with digital media as a parent, then these are the workshops for you. Parents with kids of ANY age are welcome, but we’ll be focusing on common questions and ideas for parenting school-aged children and teenagers. Sign up this weekend on your connection card, through YouVersion, or send Ms. Stephanie an email at

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