CrossWay Church
September 1st, 2019: Gideon: Judges 6 & 7
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
Locations & Times
  • CrossWay Church Battle Ground
    311 N Parkway Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Judges 6 & 7: Gideon
I) The unusual cycle of Gideon’s deliverance
A) Israel did evil and was _____________ by the Midianites for 7 years.
B) God sent a _________________ when the people cried out for help. The prophet reminded them that they have failed to listen to him!
C) God used an ___________ hero named Gideon to save them.
1) Gideon was not a _____________ action hero.
2) He was __________ so he destroyed is father’s altar to foreign gods in the middle of the night.
3) He needed multiple _______________ from God.
D) God defeated the Midianites in an untraditional manner to prove he was the true _______________.
1) God tells Gideon to whittle his army of 32,000 men to _______.
2) God uses a foreigner’s dream and Gideon’s torches, trumpets and broken jars to __________ the Midieonites.

3) The Lord caused the Midianites to _________ each other giving Gideon victory.
II) Important themes that apply to us today.
A) When we feel overwhelmed, we must first ________________ our hearts and root out the idolatry.
What things have a grip of your heart?
B) God is _________________ with our questions.
C) God doesn't always give the answers we want. He constantly reminds us of his __________ and his strength.
D) God can use our _____________ to accomplish his redemptive plan!
What things are making you feel small and inadequate?
What are some things you think God has called you to do?