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8.25.2019 | Defeating Discouragement
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Aug 25, 2019

Welcome to Dover Assembly!
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Women's Bible Study
Anna will begin the Women’s Bible Study on Monday Sept 9 at 6:30 pm. See the insert for more details and sign up in the upper foyer.

New Wednesday Night Bible Study
We have begun our study on the giants that each of us face and how with God’s help we can overcome each of them. Fear, Discouragement, Worry, Guilt and Resentment are just some of the giants we will tackle in this encouraging look at the life of Nehemiah and others.

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Join us on September 1 as we join with our Spanish brothers and sisters during our morning service. Pastor Luis will be sharing God’s word and his son, Kevin, will be translating.


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Sept 9 ~ Women’s Bible Study Begins
Sept 11 ~ New Wednesday Night Kids Ministry Begins
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Sept 22 ~ “Invite Your One” Day
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August 25, 2019 - Pastor Jeff Bender

Today we're going to tackle a topic that I think we all deal with from time to time and some of us maybe more so than most. DISCOURAGEMENT!

Our class on Wed nights is dealing with the many obstacles (or Giants as the book calls them) that we deal with...fear, worry, guilt, loneliness, and discouragement, etc.

I just sense that there is a lot of that going around in your lives. And I think that discouragement is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest weapons the enemy uses against us, and it is very powerful.

It can cause us to quit something God called you to, it can make you sick, it can cause us to lose faith. It can make you lose hope, become spiritually tired, make you compromise.

So it is a very important topic to look at. What does God say about it.

First He says that it is a real thing that people deal with.
And how many times did Job say similar things.

God also tells us to be alert to it so it doesn’t overtake us.
Discouragement comes from doing the right things and getting bad results or no results. You work hard and make no progress.

I want to look at Nehemiah and see the progress of discouragement and the remedy.
This is one way that discouragement gets a foothold in a person’s life. So not only did the workers understand how hard it was to do this job, the last thing you need is someone telling you how impossible it is.

It’s like someone who is pregnant for the first time and is worried about delivery. Then everyone comes and tells her their horror stories about how hard it was for them.

Who needs that?
People don’t need to be reminded all the time of the struggle they are facing. They know.
Trust me when I say, if you are doing anything of value, anything for God, anything to promote righteous living, you will face opposition.

Just living in this sin-filled world exposes us to situations and events that will cause us pain and hardships.

It’s how we deal with those that matters, but the grief does continue.
Even when you are doing everything right, trouble will come.
When discouragement starts, our first course of action is to pray.
It didn’t say we only prayed and it didn’t say that they waited for God to respond. They prayed AND acted.

Sometimes if we see a problem, it’s good to pray about it, but sometimes it requires us to act before we hear from God about it.

Some issues are self-evident. If we wait for God to answer about it, the issue may get worse or even stop what God IS doing.
God had already prepared the situation for the rebuilding. He raised up a king who was favorable to them and supplied them with what they needed. So God was already on board with this.

So if they would have prayed and stopped working waiting for God to respond, God’s work would have stopped.

Sometimes when discouragement begins to set in, we pray about it, but we also can do something in the natural that will help defeat discouragement.

Stay away from negative people, find someone who is an encourager. Find verses that deal with discouragement. Don’t search WebMd about your situation. Read something encouraging. Don’t sit around stewing about your problem. Be proactive about it.

But even if you do all these things, discouragement still can find a way to get in.
There are factors in our lives that allow discouragement that we have to watch out for. That are conducive to causing discouragement.

Here are some of the factors that contribute to our discouragement.
~ Fatigue
~ Frustration
~ Failure
~ Fear
Let's look at each of them...

They were tired. They had a month of back-breaking labor done and were about half way through.
Discouragement begins when we become tired. Vince Lombardi said: “Fatigue makes cowards of us all"

God gives our bodies limits to what it can do. If we push those limits we will begin to see cracks. What happens? We get irritable, tense, bummed out.

If you get to that point, you open yourself up to the enemy pushing your buttons.
It doesn’t mean that we don’t work hard, it means there is a God given limit to our bodies and God wants us to rest to prevent the cracks from coming.

What did Jesus say about the Sabbath? It was made for man so we would rest. He knew the outcome if we didn’t.
Fatigue leads to the next point.

Have you tried your best for what seems like forever and nothing seems to change? It seems like all your efforts have been in vain, because there seems to be so much MORE to do?

The catchphrase lately has been “BURNOUT”.

We use that for a lot of things, but it really occurs from: Working too hard at the wrong thing, or striving for a goal that is not attainable. Pulling the weight all by yourself up a hill only to find there are many more hills in front of you.

You don’t ever see an end to this situation.

The Jews couldn’t see the finished product, only the rubble in front of them.

Frustration comes when you can’t see the end of what you want to accomplish.

That could be anything. An end to pain, an end to sickness, an end to financial stress, an end to family strife. An end to whatever problem we are facing.
So now you are tired from struggling with whatever it is, you become frustrated that you don’t see it ending and that gives in to...

All the time, effort, struggle, pain you face, now the enemy tells you not only won’t it end, but when it does end and it will, you will have failed at it.

They were saying: We’re tired of all this, we can’t see an end to our work, so why go on? It’s going to fail anyways. We want to quit.

When you get tired and frustrated you begin to think you are a failure or the situation you’re in will make you fail.

Fail at trusting God fully, fail at being a Christian, fail at not being a good parent, fail at not being able to provide financially.

So why not just quit?
That leads to the final nail in the coffin that leads to discouragement.

Notice the cycle. We started out with the enemy whispering in your ear.

That starts the process. The you get tired from handling the situation, frustrated because it doesn’t seem to ever end.

You think of yourself as a failure and want to quit. And you’re afraid of what will happen when you fail.

Then the enemy keeps piling on by going back to step one. Whispering in your ear.

And he will use people to do it.
His tried and true method. People will begin to criticize you, your work, your ministry, your parenting style, your money management techniques.

And what that does is heap guilt on those struggling.

So now you are in full blown discouragement mode.

You’re tired, frustrated, contemplating failure and fearful.
What do we do about it?

Sometimes we pray last after we try everything else. How about we do it first?

When we cry out to God, help us to understand to whom we are crying.
Sometimes you are in so deep all you can do is cry HELP.

If you trust God to handle the situation, if he is GREAT AND GLORIOUS, then trust him.
Don’t let discouragement at the situation stop you from doing what you know you need to do.
It requires a positive step on our part. It requires us to do what we know God has already told us.

When the Israelites were facing the Red Sea that hadn’t parted yet, they became discouraged and complained about it.

Moses told them that God would handle it. Then he must have started to pray: What happens?
There’s a time to pray and a time to act. God told them he would take them all the way. Now they have to keep moving and trust him to do it.

What promises are you standing on right now? Are we sitting still waiting, or are we moving ahead with what God said and trusting him for those promises?

If we are faithful to continue doing what we know to do, God will open the waters.
God also knows that it also may require us to get help from others.

We don’t have to fight discouragement alone.
We’re in a battle, but we don’t battle alone. God told us in the very beginning, “It is not good for man to be alone”

We were meant to handle life with the help of others. And sometimes those “others” will be the ones doing battle for us.

If you are at the point in your discouragement, that you want to quit, you have nothing left to give, enlist the help of others who can pray and do battle for you.

The officers were the first line of defense. And after them, then came the workers. The officers (friends) carried the major part of the battle, and it allowed the worker to work. But it also allowed the worker to begin to rebuild his ability to do battle.

WE can pray and do battle for others, but at some point, they will have to be able to defend themselves.

We can have others pray for us and intercede for us to allow us time to regroup, but we will eventually need to be strong enough to fight discouragement ourselves.

Thank you for joining us!

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