Hope Community Church
REFUEL Mid-Week Bible Study - December 18th, 2019
A casual, topical bible study to help "fill up your tank" in the middle of the week. Come as you are and dig deeper into the Word! • Hope's Coffee Café - coffee/tea bar in the foyer from 6:30-6:55 PM • Child Care (ages 6wks-5yrs) & Kids "Mid-Week Mania" (grades K-5th) provided
Locations & Times
  • Hope Community Church
    1240 Jay St, Waterford Twp, MI 48327, USA
    Wednesday 7:00 PM

Lesson 6:
Part 4 — Sensitivity Pt. 2
(Galatians 5:16-25)
========== PART 1 REVIEW ==========

Living victoriously involves...
4. Enhancing, not nullifying, our sensitivity (to God's presence & will).

Nullify = to cancel out, to make of no use

Three keys to living victoriously are understanding…

1. Our ability to obey. (2 Peter 1:1-4; Romans 6:16-22)
If someone with skills, knowledge, and powers exceeding our own is willing and able 24/7 to help us live in victory over sin shouldn't we accept it?

2. God's call to obey. (James 4:1-8)
A godly life is the result of communing with the living God moment by moment and day by day. It occurs when we live in His presence and for His glory.
Three keys to living victoriously are understanding…
1. Our ability to obey
2. God's call to obey.
3. Our willingness to obey.
"Walk" (vs.16 & 25) (Present Imperative Active tense) =
A command that requires ongoing, continual action. Because it is a command, not a suggestion, to disobey is a sin.

Unless we choose to "Walk" in the Spirit we will by default fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

It is hard for our enemy to score if our team always has the ball!