Riverside Church
Something Different
Pastor Jim preaches from Acts 24:27-25:22
Locations & Times
  • Riverside Church
    2450 Thomas Jefferson Rd, Forest, VA 24551, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
ANSWERS 24:10-21
Cordial Response
Concise Presentation
Clarifying Priorities
Claiming Hope toward God
Convenient Season v. 25
A lost urgency
A lost opportunity
A lost reverence
I. AWARENESS of those who Question 24:27-25:9
The Complainer
The Skeptic
The Fool
The Seeker
1. The Simple Fool Proverbs 14:15
2. The Reactionary Fool Proverbs 12:15
3. The Silly Fool Proverbs 10:23
4. The Scorning Fool Proverbs 9:8
5. The Committed Fool Psalm 14:1
II. APPEAL to those in Authority 25:10-12
An Appeal brings Divine Protection
An Appeal creates an Awareness of God’s Will
An Appeal reveals the Blessing of God’s Working
How to APPEAL to one in Authority
1. We should be in ‘right standing’
2. We should have the right basis for the appeal
3. We should thoughtfully choose our timing to make the appeal
4. We must give accurate information
5. We must have the right attitude
6. We should carefully choose our words
7. We must display a right response even if the appeal is rejected
III. AUDIENCE 25:13-22
Opportunity to Share God’s Calling
Opportunity to Share God’s Grace
Opportunity to Share God’s Provision

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