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Much of what we do on this earth is driven by competition or comparison.
- Solomon saw this thousands of years ago. This isn’t anything new.
- Comparison causes our eyes to look at others for the wrong reasons.
- It’s the right action with the wrong motive.

Comparing leads to have the curse of “er” - Happier, richer, smaller, smarter, faster, taller....fill in the blank. Even the disciples had the curse of er....or really they were dealing with “est” - greatest.
1. Comparison can only lead you to feeling superior or inferior
- You could say insecurity or pride.
- Comparison will end up making you angry at God.
2. Comparison is tiring
- The problem with comparison is...there’s no win. There’s no finish line.
3. Comparison derails your purpose
- Hebrews 12:1 - Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
- This is what Jesus was telling Peter - I’ve called you to feed my your race. Follow me. God gifted us differently.
4. Comparison makes others your adversary
- We aren’t in competition with others. - We don’t wrestle against flesh and



If you’re content, you have no need to compare. It is the secret to living in every situation.

Comparison and contentment cannot co-exist

Comparison causes us to resent others’ success and ignore our blessings.

Romans 12:15 - Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.

Significance comes when we help others be better. When we build others.

Jesus said - Whoever wants to be first must take last place & be the servant of everyone else.
Significance in God’s kingdom comes when we are helping others succeed.

John Maxwell - When people are self-centered, they can make external changes, and they won’t be any happier with the next thing. No matter where they go, there they are. Instead, they need to shift to significance by putting other people first. Their thinking needs to change from What’s in it for me? to What can I do for others? Until that change occurs, happiness, fulfillment, and significance will always be out of their reach.

True joy and fulfillment in life come when you begin to live a life beyond yourself.