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8.11.2019 | 2 Peter - Week 6
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Aug 11, 2019

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New Wednesday Night Bible Study
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Week 6 - August 11, 2019 - Pastor Jeff Bender

As we continue our study through 2 Peter, we left off last week talking about and warning about false teachers, preachers, authors, speaker.

Anyone who claims to know Christ but uses that platform to interject false hoods into their message. This also means anyone who uses the gospel and their platform for personal gain.

Last week we mentioned the word “exploit: which means “to make merchandise of”. Obviously those who preach and teach should be able to make a living.

What Peter is talking about is using the gospel to make them rich. Using the gospel as a merchandising arm. If you remember, Peter goes into great detail and harshness concerning those who lead others away from Christ for their personal wealth or following.

They are leading believers away from salvation and ultimately into destruction.

And Peter minced no words. In fact, he goes on to further excoriate them.
For him to spend so much time on this, I think he’s pretty animated about it. It’s not just a passing thought, but something that has been eating at him for a while.

Gospel-good. False teachers-bad.

But inevitably, people who are false will lead us to a place of unbelief and corruption. When that happens, when people come to not believe and are corrupted, here is what follows.
What do we see in society today? People who are claiming they want freedom from God, freedom from any laws and freedom from anyone telling them what to do.

They think that looting, burning down buildings and rioting is a part of freedom.

Aborting a baby is freedom.

Letting your children choose if they are a boy or a girl is freedom.

Taking God out of the public arena is freedom.

And what happens when you are free from God? Study post-Christian Europe. Many large cathedrals, but very little Christianity and the countries are suffering for it.

You become a slave to sin and corruption.
In an article by Ravi Zacharias, he quotes:

Steve Turner, the English journalist, said years ago that when we reject the true God and (WE) take his place, this news will follow: "When you hear state of emergency; sniper kills ten; youths go looting; bomb blasts school—it is but the sound of man worshiping his maker (himself)."

The leaders and promoter of these things, some in the name of God, are slaves to this. They are unable to believe otherwise unless they get saved. Then they become slaves to the corruption those things produce.
I’m sure there are non-violent decent sounding people who believe differently that we do. But in recent years, the rhetoric and protests and violence has gotten to such a point that these normally non-violent decent people believe that is what is necessary.

It’s one thing to know there are people who teach against the truth, and what their fate is.

But what happens to those who listen to them?

I mentioned last week that even though people who lead us astray will be punished, we cannot blame them for our choices.
During our last Wednesday night class, we discussed a man name Charles Templeton. He was an evangelist that traveled with Billy Graham when he first started out.

But as time went on, he got discouraged with God, and eventually left the faith and became an advocate for atheism.

I have a lot of friends who believe that once you are saved, you can’t lose it. I listen to great men of God who believe it too.

Sometimes that phrase “once saved” can give you a false sense of security.
The point is, if you listen to people who are not telling you the truth, and you don’t study on your own to find out what IS the truth, you could find yourself walking away from salvation.

Others will contend that you never were saved.

Fine-the outcome is still the same. If you don’t know Christ and you spend time listening and following people that don’t know Christ, you will not have a relationship with Christ and the result is the same.

But it says you are worse off than before.

How can you be worse than before? If the judgment is the same, how is it worse?
I believe there are 2 aspects to this.

One is backsliding. Those who drift from the faith. Over time, the cares of the world and hardships tend to water down their faith to the point where it could be gone.

I look at the parable of the sower and the seed. Jesus explains it.
They received it. I believe this means they were saved.
Again they accept the truth, but no crop. If there is no crop, that means the seed died, right?

The 2nd aspect is hardening ourselves to the truth.
So Peter ends this train of thought for the moment and starts chapter 3. (As we know there were no chapter markers in the original text)
He explains the reason for writing them this letter.
He wants them to not forget what he taught them and also, what the Old Testament said. He also wants them to think for themselves.

Not just rely on him, but “stimulate your wholesome thinking”. Think and study for yourself.

Don’t just rely on others. “Remember and understand”

He has 2 points:
a) Remember what he taught them.
b) Understand the Bible for yourselves.

Why is he so emphatic?
Technically, we’ve been in the “last days” since Jesus ascended, but we are closer to the return of Christ than ever before, so these scoffers will only increase.

We shouldn’t be surprised or even upset that they are here. Jesus said they would be, Peter is repeating it. Every evil thing they desire. . . do you think that the recent shootings would come under that category?

Going back to the article by Ravi:

The power of the individual to kill with words or weapons is used to expose the hate that we nurture in our godless times. We took the Bible out of schools. We took prayer out of schools. We punish people who mention God in public graduations. We mock the name of Christ with profane delight. We have lost all definitions for everything and sound pathetic while trying to give answers for the cruelty of our time. It is easier today to preach the gospel in once hostile countries than it is in America, which has now celebrated the absence of God.

Peter tell us what one of their excuses will be:
This goes full circle back to false teachers, knowing your Bible and being discerning.

False teachers, atheists, agnostics and just regular unbelievers will try to use scripture to either justify their actions, or argue against it’s reliability.

The devil used it against Adam & Eve, and even Jesus...
And so will people who try to lead you away from your relationship with God.

Whether to enrich themselves or just as a tool of the enemy.

That’s why Peter says “Remember and understand”.
Peter uses 2 examples from the Old Testament to say to them, “remember when these happened?” Since you believe the Old Testament and you know them to be true, these others made it a point to NOT remember what God did.

So you know just from these, that they are liars.

And to just make his point about the judgment coming on those false teachers, that the same God who made the earth, and flooded the earth, which really happened, is the same God who said that he will burn up the earth on judgment day and when he does that they will all perish.

The he reminds them about the return of Christ. Just because it’s taking long, don’t forget that it WILL come.
So why hasn’t Jesus returned? Because he wants more people to get saved and he is giving us more time.

So, our Invite your One day? God gave us more time to make it effective. That’s one reason he hasn’t returned.

But we don’t have an infinite amount of time. Time will run out for us and everyone else. And after that, we are out of luck.
If you are not ready when Christ returns, you are going to face judgment.

I didn’t write it. That’s simply what the Bible says.

And here is another scary thought. There are 2 teachings on what happens to people after the rapture.

Can they be saved? One is that if you heard the gospel before, you will not be saved after.
Again, good men disagree on this, but do we want to take that risk?

Thank you for joining us!

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