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Around Every Corner: Be a First Follower
Pastor Neal Nybo
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Introduction to Series: Around Every Corner
Ministry just around the corner can be as effective as ministry around the world. This sermon series explores how our most effective ministry may be right in our own backyard. We know this because we see it all the time in our own people. People from StoneBridge volunteer at places like the Samaritan Center, Sarah's House, and even the Annual Charity Car Show.

We can make a difference within blocks of our homes and offices. We can have a longer, more personal impact where we live.
1. Become a first follower.
A first follower is anyone who offers someone else respect, acknowledges them, or in some way, expresses support when no one else does.

How To Start A Movement And The Value Of First Followers

What does it take to start a social movement? Research points to the importance of influence and its effect on social networks.
Reflection Questions
1. When have you been alone and had someone become a first follower and support you?
2. When have you become a first follower for someone else?
3. The narrator in the What It Takes To Start A Movement video said, "The First Follower transforms a lone nut into a leader." Why do you think first followers are so important?

The Text In Context

This Bible commentary that frames the story of Zaccheaus into a larger context and shares how to teach the story to children.
2. Grace transforms people.
Grace is unearned favor, approval, kindness.
Reflection Questions
1. Why does it feel so good to be recognized and acknowledged?
2. Do you know people who have changed because they have been recognized or acknowledged?
3. Describe a time in your life when you experienced grace (unearned favor, approval, kindness).
3. Pushback is normal.
Tax collectors were notorious for cheating their neighbors. It seemed obvious to the people in the crowd that if Zacchaeus was rich it was because he cheated them. Zacchaeus was not well-liked. The crowd’s anger was understandable.
Reflection Questions
1. In what ways or circumstances can you imagine people would push back against someone being a first follower?
2. Can you imagine and describe Zacchaeus' feelings about people's resentment before Jesus acknowledged him?
3. How might his feelings have changed after Jesus became his first follower?
4. Transformation leads to salvation.
People in the world today are looking for something. Many feel alone and hopeless. Many actions are learned defensive responses to hurts and perceived injustices over a lifetime. People need baby steps before they can leap all the way to Jesus. Zacchaeus was looking for something and hoped he could find it in Jesus. He found more than he bargained for, more that he could have guessed.
Reflection Questions
1. Without using traditional Biblical or Christian language, describe what it means to be lost.
2. How might being recognized and appreciated help someone move away from being lost?
3. How might church attenders' behavior change if their first interest was to be a part of Jesus' work to find and restore the lost?
4. Which of the next steps will you work on this week?

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