Kalamazoo First Assembly of God
Remember The Table: “Dirt and Dung”
Symbols are common in the Christian’s world. A crown - royalty; victory A dove - peace; the Holy Spirit A door - opportunity or closure Fire - glory of God; Holy Spirit A cross - love, hope, redemption But there is an overlooked symbol taken for granted that is needed more than ever in our world: The Table. What we find in most ordinary homes was a place of extraordinary opportunities. This often unnoticed instrument of intimacy is where bread was broken, hearts opened, and lives shared. The table made outsiders friends. The table healed family fracture. The table is where the empty was filled.And the table is what Jesus invites us to partake in, yet, it is His challenge to all of us to take into the world around us. In December, we return to a familiar topic for our church community in a new teaching series called, “Remember the Table.” Together, we partake of the hospitality of Jesus in order that we would go and “do likewise” (Luke 10:37).
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    Sunday 9:50 AM
“Few acts are more expressive of companionship than the shared meal…someone with whom we share food is likely to be our friend, or well on the way to becoming one.” - Carolyn Steel
The gospel was never meant to sedate us but to activate us in abundant life in this world.

Nothing more than Jesus is required; nothing less than Jesus will do.

When you serve others, God changes lives—and the first life He often changes is yours.

People are not your projects to fix. They are opportunities to love and serve.


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The Jesus Prayer: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner."