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The Gift...of Good News (Christmas 2019 - wk1)
This Christmas we lean in again to the amazing gift that has been given to us from God. We’re to unwrap the fullness of God’s goodness to us in Jesus. God has given us Good News, not bad news. He’s given us a call for rescue, not a plan to follow. He’s given us a choice to choose Him. God has given us His best - and He gives because He loves.
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  • Elements City Church
    1825 N Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85712, USA
    Sunday 5:00 PM

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It seems to be this universal reality – that if there is somebody in authority that has a message for us, we usually don’t think it’s good news – we’re not sure we want to hear the message or have the conversation.

We’re hesitant, reluctant, we instinctually brace for the bad news…and it seems that somewhere along the line – we have attached that same kind of response and reaction to God.
FRIENDS: the message of the Christmas story shouts to us something very different. It describes something about God and how He longs to interact with us, that pushes back against this angst or unhealthy FEAR we feel…as it comes to God and Me and how we connect…

The Christmas story is a GIFT for us!
I want us to campout on some phrases and words in this story that can heal us. This message is life-changing. It’s a GIFT whether you’re hearing it for the 1st time or the 1,000th time!

It’s a message intended to ‘do away with’ that weird, unhealthy, “I know it’s bad news fear” --- BECAUSE THAT FEAR KEEPS YOU FROM EXPERIENCING INTIMACY WITH A GOD WHO PAYED A VERY VERY HIGH PRICE for you to experience an intimate relationship & connection with Him.

Because it is very difficult to blend intimacy with an unhealthy fear
– the 2 are mutually exclusive!
Shepherds are out contemplating life – dark starry sky is above them…

The glory ‘shone’ around them
**this little greek word for shone is only used 1 other time in the NT; it’s where everything lit up and knocked a guy off his horse.
=very powerful, bright light!

"Terrified" - 2 little greek words put together; where we get our word: phobia
“they feared a BIG fear”
Do Not Be Afraid.
Whatever my presence brought to your mind!? – you can erase that…
Whatever you thought might happen?! – that’s not going to happen…
Whatever you assumed – you can let that go
Luke 2:10
But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people."
This is NOT a message of GOOD NEWS FOR GOOD PEOPLE
It’s not a message of Good News for a holy people.
or even a message of GOOD NEWS only for Jewish people.
or Good News just for righteous people or perfect people.
or Good News just for consistent people.
or Good News just for people who always keep their promises.
It’s not Good News just for people who showed up at church last week.
or Good News just for people who read their bibles.

The implication:
God has decided to do something and it has nothing to do with anyone’s behavior. It’s not dependent upon someone’s actions in order for them to have access to what he’s up too!
"Glory to God in the highest heaven" (v.14)
GOD gets all the credit for what is happening and what he’s up too in history!
Religion offers FAIRNESS (friend, you really don’t want that)
Christianity offers you and I GRACE, underserved mercy, radical love, unmerited forgiveness and new life through the GIFT OF HIS SON JESUS!
==when you and I can get to the place where we can accept and embrace this message – that my relationship with God has nothing to do with what I’ve done – then He GETS A LOT OF CREDIT. And I can get a lot of PEACE! (v. 14)
Friends: may you and I journey toward Christmas AND be refreshed again by this AMAZING GIFT God has given us – His Son – HIS GOOD NEWS…
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